Scanadu wants carbon based life forms

With $10.5 million in funding and a nod to the tricorder of Star Trek, Scanadu Scout is a very cool health tracker. It has been going through a few trials and tribulations but the developers seem to have been hard at work on fixing the issues and getting tooled up for manufacturing.

The company is developing a range of products that sit in the palm of your hand and monitor your vitals – temperature, respiratory rate, oximetry, ECG, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure – in 10 seconds. In addition, it is also creating a disposable urine analysis testing platform, ScanaFlo, which works with your smartphone to offer a complete urine analysis test in minutes. Once FDA approved, it could also measure for pregnancy complications, pre-eclampisa, gestational diabetes, heart-related kidney problems and urinary tract infections.

According to a recent blog post, the Scanadu Scout team needs your help. We think it is a pretty cool thing so, if you were a Scanadu backer on Indiegogo and can go, let us know how things turn out.

We need more data – our silicon is in need of your living carbon!

Our next step is to expand our testing at scale. We are hosting a Scanadu Scanathon at our headquarters at NASA Ames Research Park in Mountain View, CA. This is an exclusive invitation to our Indiegogo backers to participate in the next step of the Scanadu journey. More than 10% of you, our Indiegogo backers, already live in Silicon Valley, but wherever you live in the USA – take a hike, walk, fly, drive, ride and come to us.

Our goal is to collect a larger body of test data that will better calibrate our algorithms and get us closer to delivering your Scanadu Scouts™.

Join us!

Scanadu Scanathon

When: The week of June 15, 2014 (test date & time will be sent to confirmed participants)
Where: Scanadu HQ at NASA Ames Research Park in Mountain View, CA
Time commitment: Actual testing will take less than an hour per person, but participants are invited to stay on to meet fellow backers and the Scanadu team
Who is eligible to participate: Indiegogo backers over 18 years old
Who will perform the testing: Scanadu’s medical team
What you will get: Test the Scanadu Scout™  investigational device, drinks, food, good company, mathletes, astronauts and the Scanadu team
What to bring: A valid government-issued ID (preferably a driver’s license) is required to enter the NASA campus
What we will be testing: Vital signs
How to apply for the Scanadu Scanathon: Please fill out this form

We are making progress and we’re excited to welcome you to Scanadu HQ to participate in some of the additional testing needed before we can ship.

Gratitude and thanks to all of you… Let’s make it so!

Team Scanadu