Six Tips For Renting Mailing Lists For Direct Mail Marketing

Email renting is a new technology for selling the name and products of a business to new customers. If properly used, it can lead to an increased profit margin as a result of more customers reached. However, there is a lot of suspicion due to fraudsters (illegitimacy).

Thomson Data has therefore decided to stand with business people by giving them tips on selecting the best mailing lists dealers. Thomson Data has six tips for renting mailing lists for direct mail marketing. Among the worst experiences is renting a list that it is not real but spam. In this case, the message sent will not reach the intended audience. A good list is one that meets all the needs of the renter. The provider should thus know the audience the service purchaser wants to reach to maximize success chances for the merchant

According to Thomson Data, the best practices are as follows:

I. Know the source of the mailing list service before you purchase the service, it is always wise to make sure that you research the various providers, so us to discover the legitimate companies available. Conducting a survey will help you avoid losses and frauds spread with the current technology. Avoid renting a list from an unknown third party.

II. Know how often cleaning of the mailing list. You should be aware of your provider how the posting regularly file would be cleaned. Thomson Data helps its clients to know the methods they apply in the maintaining of the list.

III. Ensure that the list is CAN spam compliant. The renter should make sure that the mailing list meets the requirement for its use in the business. The act requires that the customer can be able to subscribe as well as unsubscribe, avoid the use of misleading header, have a valid physical address, the message should be identified as an ad, and it should not use misleading information.

IV. Know customers who have rented from the particular company before. You should always try to find the business people who have worked with the enterprise you intend to rent the mailing list, to get it terms from them. Those who have prior experience will help you know if the company is genuine.

V. Remember the period the company has been in existence the people can easily rate a company that has worked over the years. So it is wise to look for that which has a good background of service. A company that has provided service over an extended period, and it’s not likely to fail you.

VI. Be specific about the mailing list you want. For a proper email business campaign and to be successful, you should make sure to select the menu that best fits your intentions and companies. A good choice of the marketer is important in you will be able to get advice on new opportunities of your business.

Thomson Data has been able to meet all the above requirements for a good mailing list provider and the best results of its service to the clients.