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Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Big Data are some of the top technologies that are altering the way people look at and feel about today’s modern IT sector. More and more ITeS and IT companies are hell-bent on up-skilling their workforce due to this shift, so as to become industry experts in the above-mentioned niches. Because of this, the need for expert training increases almost on a daily basis.

Thankfully, online certification training providers like Simplilearn, that boast a 72% course completion rate on average, are always there to provide the expert help IT firms and professionals need to stay ahead in the game. With unique training options and course materials, Simplilearn and various other e-learning companies are acting as true life-savers for professionals. So let’s find out what the situation actually is. Is there really a skills shortage? Read on to find out more.

Excellent training has always been the lifeblood of any IT industry in any part of the world, and with online courses it’s easy for IT professionals to get the training they need, wherever they live in the world.

Every IT firm has only one wish in mind – they want their employees to grow by adapting to new and improved technological advancements, They want to not just keep up, but stay ahead of the breakneck pace of modern technological advancement. Today’s IT companies are not located in one single country – their branches and roots are spread all across the world, and with such a widespread workforce, standardized training becomes a necessity.

Now getting back to what Simplilearn has done for the IT industry, we’ve learned that the company has allowed more than 2000 IT professionals to widen their knowledge base and increase their skill levels, which has allowed them to flourish in their jobs, in terms of performance as well as remuneration.

The courses being offered by Simplilearn and similar sites are mainly technological in nature, and most of them focus on digital technology. These courses allow full-time employees to learn all that they can need to know to advance to the next level at their own pace and place. The courses also offer cloud-based labs, live projects, and training from some of the finest experts in the field from around the world. Continuous assessment is also done to ensure that the employee can apply what he or she learned in the real world.

Many online training sites suffer from low completion rates, as employees cannot match their course timings with the work timings of an IT professional. But for Simplilearn, the professional’s convenience is paramount. Simplilearn’s success is tied to the success of the professionals who receive training from them, and that is the reason they design their course curriculum based on how much time the trainee can spend every day. They fit all that a professional wants to learn about a topic or technology, and are clear about the requirements that will get them an industry-recognized certification.

Simplilearn, a Bangalore based company with its headquarters in San Francisco, offers online training courses like Cyber Security, Scrum master certification , Data Scientist certification, Digital Marketing training and more professional courses.