Seven Productivity tools that are must have for online marketers

The internet scene is so dynamic that it does not allow businesses to rest on what it has achieved. To survive in online marketing, you must continuously innovate the ways of doing things without being distracted from the goals that you have set. Marketers are constantly evaluating their performance and trying to find different solutions to problems by focusing on better project management and increased productivity. There is growing demand for tools that help to boost productivity in marketing, and you will find plenty of them. The tools serve the needs of marketers in various areas of marketing such as social media management, project management, organizational tools and much more. You will know about some of these in this article.


Mavenlink is another project management tool that has gained popularity. The features of the tool enable managing expenses and tracking time, receive files and share it, track private as well as external projects, resource allocation and managing all tasks related to the project. It takes care of team collaboration too. The tool is highly comprehensive, captures all facets of the project, and you can integrate it with Google App. The tool allows members to stay connected, brings transparency to the process and enhances efficiency that pushes up productivity.


For increasing team productivity in project management, Ignitur is the first of its kind project management software dedicated to internet marketing. The tool focuses on saving time spent on various management processes of a marketing campaign that holds the key to improved productivity. Besides productivity improvement, the software provides clear guidance by interpreting the assimilated data that facilitates the decision-making process. The tool is highly user-friendly as it uses a single dashboard to display and access all other tools you use. You can monitor and operate all tools from this dashboard. The tool brings all project members on the same page and enhances collaboration. An online guide helps those who are not familiar with project management to use the tool in the correct way. Ingnitur extracts data from third party sites and compiles it in the report.


Moz is a versatile SEO management tool with very friendly navigation that makes it easy to use. It focuses on keywords performance that enables you to see how the keywords are ranking. You can even compare similar keywords by placing them side by side to figure out how it performs as compared to one another. The dashboard has high visual qualities and is perhaps one of the best features of the tool. By sitting on the dash, you can track which search engine is generating the maximum traffic to your website.


Managing the social media is a task that every marketer is worried about because of its complexities. However, use of proper tools can make it simple and manageable. Since the social media is the center of attraction for marketers, you will find thousands of tools, but very few can match the qualities of Buffer. It is a high performing social media management tool capable of doing much more than merely facilitating file sharing and propagating tweets. To meet the challenges of post engagement, the tool has incorporated a video feature called Buffer video. By using the feature, you can upload videos on the platform and even share it. The tool is available free, but if you are looking for advanced features, you have to pay for it.


Those who have multiple social media accounts will find Hootsuite most appropriate. The tool allows the use of the social media platform more creatively for catering to the audience in the way they want. If you want to publish content at regular intervals, you can line it up for publication and make an advance schedule of publishing the posts at desired times by using the feature of the tool. Preview facility is available to envisage how the posts will look like. You can view all posts published on different networks in a single visual format by using the feature of “streams, ” and it is possible to track each one. Be in the driver’s seat by using the feature that tracks campaign analytics to reveal the performance of campaigns so that you can make it better.

Google Drive

Project management efficiencies depend on a lot of sharing. Google Drive is a free tool that is widely used for online sharing of documents without ever feeling that you are sharing it. The tool together with Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, which are part of it, facilitates sharing of various kinds of file formats. You can share notes while you are working on the documents and you can even chat with using this facility. It is a great tool that encourages collaboration that adds value to projects. Any number of users can work on a file on the drive, and it is useful for searching folders and archives. If you have a G-mail account, you get Google Drive automatically as it is a part of the package.


We are all familiar with “To Do” lists and there are so many other types of lists people create to manage their work efficiently. However, maintaining the files also becomes a task at the end when you have too many different kinds of lists. Lists are well managed by using the tool Evernote that is created with the purpose of organizing and tracking it. The unique feature of the tool allows you to create notes by using images, website links, and even voice mail. Labeling facility of notes makes it easy to track and share. You can use the tool as a notebook just in the way you scribble ideas on paper. The records are well organized in a logical way and easy to retrieve.

New tools are emerging continuously as marketers create more demand for better facilities in managing campaigns. Ascertain your needs well so that you can select the tool that meets your requirement in the perfect way. Research well and keep yourself updated so that you are ahead of others.