Search Engine Optimization Companies

Trying to pinpoint what SEO represents is a mission impossible. It’s this blend of keywords, links, design, social media, and so much more.

Ah, yes, social media. Some overlook it when in fact they should embrace it. With so many social media profiles today, I know it’s hard to choose one or some. It’s even more difficult to maintain a profile. All those likes, comments, retweets, replies, messages can get overwhelming and send the business owner running as if the devil was right behind.

However, we say to that paranoia! Sean Wol, the CEO of one of the search engine optimization companies, Welpi, has quite a lot to say about this topic. He was the guy who trusted in social media since day one and used it actively in his SEO strategies. Let’s hear his lessons!

The rules for social media posting:

Most importantly, according to Sean, you should have your set of guidelines to follow or rules if you like.

What does that mean?

First of all, you should determine who will post – a person from the company’s headquarters or a fellow at home. Then, there’s the posting schedule. And by that, we mean the time of the day reserved for new posts.

These guidelines will help you A TON with forming an original, effective SEO and social media strategy.

Determine the goals:

With many years of experience behind him, Sean advises knowing what you like to achieve. That sounds deep, I know, but it’s every bit right.

You should specify where you want to get with your social media and SEO tactics. Perhaps you want to reach 10,000 likes on Facebook. Or successfully market all of your new content through these social media channels. Or getting a specific number of traffic you’ve dreamed of since you’ve been a child. Or something else entirely.

It’s incredibly important to know what you aim at.

Managing the profiles:

The most vital thing to consider when starting a social media marketing strategy is who controls the profile. Full stop.

How well you or the person you hire manages the profiles will affect everything. And if it’s not okay, then, yeah, it’s the end of your online trip.

But we want to stay away from those black scenarios.

Sean likes to say that you should monitor everything. And he means everything. You should monitor every profile equally, every person that liked the page or clicked the ‘follow’ button, every comment, and reply.

Engagement and popularity require time:

Ah yes, when we mentioned the answers, we shouldn’t forget to say that you should respond to all comments in the beginning.

It’s one of the unusual ways to directly engage with the followers and the audience. And not only that. You also increase your integrity, and you appear down-to-earth and humble. Plus, your customers will feel important.

Sean has wise words for this matter as well. Engagement doesn’t happen overnight. You need patience and a huge will to succeed. Watch out for what you post as well. You should go for visuals, attractive posts asking the users to discuss in the comments section and such.

At the end of the day, we know what you want. To go viral and appear everywhere!

Some final words:

All in all, what you should look for in an SEO company is a great dedication to all aspects of SEO including the social media. From the social media schedule, the goals of the engagement, there’s a lot to look after. Sean Wol teaches us that it’s not just typing in the email and password to log in to Facebook. The sooner you realize it, the better.
What are your thoughts on this matter? Would love to hear it from you!