Remote Office Set Up: How to maintain your IT workers productive

It’s never really easy to branch out as a business. Regardless of whether you’ll be moving to a completely new location or you’ll run operations by making your employees telecommute, in the long run, you’ll still be faced with the same issues; where do you even start, how do you get a nice establishments?, what are the technical costs? Etc.

When branching out, the most important step is to understand what you are doing and when to make the big move. Before opening a second office, you have to decide whether it is really worth the amount of money you’ll be investing or not. If you feel it is right, then you should waste no time in making moves.

Sustaining the culture and lifestyle of your company in a different location is highly important. You have to make sure that the branch office is still an arm or an extension of the head or man office no matter what or where the branch office is located. If you’ve been actively involved in making some things happen in one office and you can’t necessarily replicate it in another office, there are bound to be disparities and irregularities and these could lead to a bad reputation for you and by extension, your business. From a strictly business point of view, that could be dangerous.

When branching out, it is more advisable to have original employees help in the setting up rather than hire new personnel. Not that you won’t eventually have to hire new people, but the original employees have an in-depth understanding of what needs to be done and they’re familiar with the values and ethics of the business. This way, they can bring these qualities into the branch office and when they do hire new people, they’ll be able to imbibe these same qualities into them as well. This way, setting up will be a much easier task.

The next thing that could help your business in setting up a branch office is adopting the best equipment. Your new office is ideally expected to produce at the same level (or at least, something similar to) as your head office. This can only be achieved with the best equipment. You could have all your machinery combined in a hyper converged system which will help increase individual and collective technological efficiency and productivity.

Hyper convergence effectively combines virtual data storage and computing in a way that still ensures that you get the same results as when they are isolated. A high level of hyper convergence has the ability to support common data center availability and the reliability requirements. Your infrastructure is well managed and via a solitary interface, work is assigned to the operating software.

The beauty of this approach is the fact that the rudimentary parts of the storage and servers are combined. In a quick nutshell, with a hyper converged system, your company will no longer rely on different components for computing and storage functions. It will help you simplify your management regimen and help you use resources more efficiently and maximally.