Red Flags To Watch Out For Your Business

In an industry, there is a need to be careful in every way possible. This is to make sure that the employer and the employee are both safe from any dangerous situation that might jeopardize the name of the company. In order to do this, hiring managers and most especially the owners should make sure to determine the red flags. These are events, processes, work description and even workers that an owner must watch out for to avoid any problems in the future.

Some would say, pick one who has a good resume or buy better equipment that can do the work double. But did you realized that in order to be safe, you first start with checking the smallest of details? Remember that you will be responsible for all of the workers under you. So if you want a little nudge on that department, check out the list here.

Body language

This is most common for most Human Resources people because they are good on initiating the first task when hiring people or when examining people during work. Body language shows the most obvious signs of emotion. Always see to it that the personnel are not showing any signs of discomfort. This is sometimes associated with problems back at home or intoxication of illegal substances, such as drugs. If you suspect such, then you need an annual drug testing.

Job hopping

This is natural especially for those new graduates that are looking for a job that suits their needs and their passion. But this is a red flag when it comes for those who have already grown in an industry yet cannot manage to settle down. This show their lack of loyalty, issues at work or that they are just looking for something that can contribute bigger to their needs. You don’t need that kind of personality as you need someone that can help your company grow.

Arriving late

Whether they are stuck in traffic or there’s a storm outside, arriving late is a big no-no especially for those who want to get the job vacancy. This is a very reason why you should allow them to re-schedule if the situation is inconvenient for them. But those that are late just because must be looked closely because they might be so used to being tardy from their past work too.

Work history and credentials

This is one of the most important things. Companies believe that they can’t hire someone who is overqualified because they expect too much from their salary. If you compensate them much lower, then you have someone who is dissatisfied from that always. Make sure to review CVs or resumes before proceeding.

If you want to make your company better, you should always have an eye on things. You don’t have to be always present, only you need is the ability to spot something that can damage your reputation. So basing from the samples above, you now the first steps you can take in ensuring your company.