Read here to get an Idea about Roller Conveyor Systems

Roller conveyer systems are highly reliable, flexible and practical for applications dealing with flat-bottomed commodities. They are a very easy, as well as economical method to move boxes, cartons, pallets, trays, wrapped packages and several other items around a production house or warehouse.

They are very quiet and therefore, suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Standard widths of roller conveyors are 420, 620 or 820 mm. There is a wide range of roller conveyors available today, designed using advanced quality components.

  • Gravity Conveyors

Gravity conveyors carry items manually or through gravity decline, fulfilling integrated system applications, assembly, picking lines and dynamic storage solutions. They offer high durability because of an all steel construction. Galvanised rollers and side channels are mainly used for permanent installation. They are mainly installed on adjustable H-supports.

Gravity conveyors are also available in aluminium construction for easy portability and they are used with the help of tripod stands for quick and tool-free setup. They are easily available in multiple standard widths and lengths that can go up to 144-inches. There are options for 45-degree and 90-degree curves.

  • Belt Drive Roller Conveyors

Belt drive roller conveyors are mostly used in transportation and buffering of trays, as well as for separation of roller containers. These conveyors are highly efficient and just ideal in the process of sorting and collecting heavy load containers or cartons in your warehouse.

They run on a flange mounted 230/460/575 V gear-motor. Only one gear-motor is capable of driving multiple straight conveyor divisions. The belt tracking and tensioning are automatic. The height of the support leg can easily be adjusted and because of its modular design, it is easy to assemble. They are very economical and reliable.

  • Slat Conveyors

Slat conveyors are very advanced and high-tech because of their strong construction, optimum functionality and high operational efficiency. They are made of heat resistant stainless steel and it makes them suitable to be used for heat drying process applications.

They are widely used in several industries like food, pharmaceutical and processing & packaging. These conveyors have the capacity to transport heavy duty products easily. They are equipped with fixed or variable speed drives, depending upon the choice.

  • Chain Roller Conveyors

Chain roller conveyors are commonly known as CDLR (Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors). They are very good example of a strong and heavy duty conveyor. Chain roller conveyors are just perfect for conveying pallets, containers, drums and other heavy loads, as well as for dirty or oiling environments, where other kinds of live roller conveyors are not able to work.

They are used in several other places due to its heavy duty characteristic like, automotive, cabinetry & furniture, food & beverage manufacturing industries.

  • Hinged Gate Conveyors

Hinged gate conveyors allow easy and safe passage for personnel or equipments to either side of a conveyor line. They are available in simple pivot, as well as spring assisted versions, along with compatible roller and frame options to adjoining conveyor sections.

They are quite versatile and have multiple applications in aerospace, Government & military organisations, food & beverage, automotive, parcel handling, warehousing & distribution and order fulfillment industries.

Hope you find this article informative about different conveyor rollers and their usage. They are used extensively in various industries and possess numerous applications.