Personal Managers to the Rescue in the Eleventh Hour

Imagine you have a really cool party to attend this weekend and also an assignment that needs to be submitted tomorrow, it is most likely that you’d choose the party over writing that extremely boring essay. But every single time, we end up regretting our decisions since the essay might get you to lose your credits or might even fail you. This fills us with panic in the middle of the night and even if we sacrifice our sleep to write something down it could still be a scribbled mess which would be as good as an essay not written at all. So what shall you do to save yourself from such an ordeal? There are many websites and services out there that offer to write your assignments for you but most of them follow a certain prototype and might not reflect your perception which might land you into some serious trouble if your professor knows you too well and identifies that the article isn’t your creation in reality.

What is the best way out?

There is one website that stands out and solves this problem. gives you a personal manager who pays attention to your requirements and ideas and makes sure your standards are met. The expert writers and professionals at this website create a custom dissertation that depicts all your ideas and perceptions in the most efficient way. They have a set of qualified professionals and expert writers that make sure your work has quality and standard. The customer can also check out the writer’s previous work if they are doubtful about their competence. In addition to all this, the customer can review the work at any point of time to make sure his requirements are met and the work is matching his level of standards.


The website claims to regularly update their plagiarism-detection software making sure the content they provide is unique and the customer never lands into trouble.

Pricing Policy:

The pricing is cheap and student friendly. They are completely honest and transparent and the customer can check out the progress any time they want, in fact they can make the payment for the service in instalments, so no need to make a payment upfront. They offer three different pricing packages which are according to different academic levels namely undergraduate, master and PhD. There are experts for each one of the levels who are qualified and are constantly checked by the organisation itself for their competence.

There is no reason for the customer to worry about the custom dissertation once he gives that responsibility to dissertation help. He can have a peaceful night and the dissertation would be ready by the time he needs it with the quality he expects. It guarantees customer satisfaction and you would not regret your decision at any point during or after the service. Dissertation help is your one stop shop if you’re someone like me who realises every work in the last minute.