Not Enough Space? A Storage Unit Can Help!

We are, by nature, collectors. Unfortunately, we can’t all be organized when we do it. While you aren’t at risk of becoming the focus of the next episode of Hoarders, your cluttered home can cause surprising strife in your life. Too much stuff and not enough space may leave you feeling overwhelmed, claustrophobic, and anxious in your home — that place that’s supposed to be your relaxing oasis away from work. If you’re tired of feeling stressed out because of your clutter surroundings, it’s time to look into a storage unit.

The self storage industry has doubled in Canada over the last decade, with more than 3,000 facilities found in the nation. Many of them are located in the densely populated Southern Ontario, in GTA cities like Richmond Hill and Markham. Like any city with award winning storage options, commercial storage units in Richmond Hill come with certain features that put them on top of any competition.

The two most important features are physical security and environmental controls. You need to feel confident about leaving your precious belongings at a storage facility, and you won’t feel good about it unless your facility can prove they’re making a concerted effort to prevent physical theft. That means their property should be fully lit at all times and enclosed by a fence. Only authorized individuals should have the security key. Meanwhile there should be video surveillance monitored alarms and a manager on-site to keep an eye on the electronic security measures.

In terms of the integrity of your furniture, musical instruments, and other sensitive belongings, environmental controls will prevent any weather conditions, fluctuating humidity levels, or pest infestations from ruining your stuff. Protection against the elements is the bare minimum. They should maintain clean and climate controlled facilities with proven anti-pest measures in place.

Filling your storage unit can seem like a daunting task, but you can fit everything properly as long you get the right sized space and follow these tips:

  • Pack your belongings according to their use, keeping items you’ll need infrequently at the back
  • Pack your belongings according to weight. Heavier items should stay on the ground with lighter objects placed on top
  • Think about using the shelves, cupboards, and other surface space of furniture like desks and dressers to capitalize on space

Keep these tips in mind as you move into your unit and don’t hesitate to speak with the facility representative for any advice or packing materials. When it comes to storage Richmond Hill and other cities across Canada have the space and specialists to help you clear out your home. Take advantage of what they’re offering and feel the effects of de-cluttering your house.