Metal Roofs – Why Go For Them?

There is a growing trend in homeowners to go in for metal roofs due to their many useful properties like being lightweight, durable, and fire-resistant. If you are considering installing a new roof for your home, it may be worth the while to take a close look at metal roofs, especially if you live in a place that sees very heavy snowfall. If you are wondering about the traditionally dull looks that metal roofs are associated with, you can take heart because nowadays there is a vast assortment of metal roofing materials available, right from sheet metal to shingles that have the looks of tiles. Some of the top reasons why metal roofs are finding favor:

Extended Durability

When a metal roof is installed correctly, you can expect it to last as long as the structure of the house itself, a claim that perhaps no other roofing material can make. Metal roofs are so durable because it not only seals out water, but is able to shed snow with great ease, and also withstand winds of very high force. Metal roofs are also resistant to fire, and attacks from insects, mildew, and rot. Warranties differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but it is not unusual for homeowners to get coverage from 20-50 years.

Quick and Easy Installation

Since metal roofing materials are typically available in sheets and sections, installation is very simple for experienced roofers likePerkins Preferred Roofing. This comes in very handy because when your existing roof has been stripped off, you would not want to take too much time over the installation of the new roof because inclement weather can jeopardize the safety of your household belongings, and of the entire house.

Excellent Heat Conduction Ability

Metal roofs are very effective in not only reflecting the light and heat of the sun during sunny weather but also their heat conduction properties allow your home to be far cooler than comparable alternatives. Even though metal roofs are blessed with a low R-value, most roofers will allow for a dead air space between the roofing material and the roof deck to increase energy efficiency and insulation.

Light Weight

Typically metal roofs weigh between 50-150 pounds per 100 square feet or square as the unit of measurement is referred to in the roofing industry. This emerges as being extremely paltry when compared to tiles at 750 pounds or concrete at 900 pounds per square.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofs enjoy a Class A fire rating since they are by nature non-combustible. Class A ratings are given only to those roofing materials that are reckoned to be the most fire-resistant. However, you should be aware that if you install the new metal roof over an existing roof made out of wood or other combustible materials, the fire rating will automatically go down and you will lose one of the greatest advantages of metal roofs. This is the reason why, despite the extra effort and expense, it is always better to strip off the old roof before installing a new metal roof.

No Requirement of Steep Pitch

Since metal roofs are more efficient in shedding snow and water, they can be installed at a far less steep pitch than conventional roofing materials without the hazard of leakages. Generally, now homes that are designed to have metal roofs installed will have a pitch of 3 inches for every 12 inches length. The possibility of being able to lay flatter roofs increases the potential of you being able to consider roofs with greater aesthetics.


With the numerous advantages possessed by metal roofs, it is not difficult to see why they are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners. With the huge choice of metals and finishes, you can have superior aesthetics, functionality, as well as durability making it a win-win situation that is hard to dispute.