Marketing Missteps 2017 – What to Avoid When Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy is tough.

You want to make sure that the money you spend is spent wisely, and that you are getting the right message across to the right people. There are countless blogs and articles out there on what you SHOULD do, but to help you out we have a few handy tips here on what to AVOID when you are developing a digital marketing strategy.

Targeting everyone

If you are trying to speak to everyone you’re going to miss everyone.

Don’t burn through your budget with ill-positioned ads online; think about what you want to say and how you’re going to say it. You need to be so switched on to who you want to speak to, where they hang out and what they want from your brand. Impressions are irrelevant when the people who are passively viewing your brand aren’t actively engaging with it. Leads are the metric you need to focus on here.

Using all the socials

Again as we mentioned above, you don’t want to get onto every single social media channel and waste your time and energy creating content for a hundred different posts if THAT IS NOT WHERE YOU AUDIENCE IS. It’s vital that you understand where your audience hangs out and then you speak to them there. Sure, it’s great to get exposure, but if your audience is on Instagram then guess what? That’s where you should be too. Think about your brand, think about the effort and the time it takes to build what you want to say, and then use your time wisely.

Saying the same thing over and over again

Just like a marriage, you have to keep things fresh and exciting – but with the same core message. Don’t fatigue your customers – keep things new and exciting, but familiar as well.

Not split testing

If you don’t split test your messaging then guess what?

You have no idea how effective your campaign is! You cannot be 100% on what your audience is going to love – so test and then test again! Try a new colour, try a new image, try a new button or CTA – just test the information you’re putting out there. And then update your campaign accordingly.

Focusing on your likes

Woohoo – you got a hundred likes on a post.

But WHO CARES if out of those hundred none of them actually engaged with your special offer? You can’t get hung up on likes, because it’s all about engagement. This is key to the success of your digital marketing strategy and you must use split testing and appropriate targeting to get the best results.

Failing to plan

If you aren’t planning for your digital marketing efforts and don’t have a strategy in place, how on earth are you expecting to get results? You must consider all of the possible ways in which you can succeed and then implement them through a concentrated digital marketing plan.

Did you find any of these surprising?

It’s not rocket science, is it?

And yet, it’s always the case that people will go into a digital marketing campaign without split testing in place, or without a proper plan, or by trying to reach too many people. Don’t be one of the ones who fails with their digital marketing! Get your game to the next level and implement these tips today.

Author Bio

Laura is a keen writer who loves nothing more than cuddling up with her three sausage dogs and reading a good article on the New York Times website. On her weekdays she works in a Digital Marketing Agency but on the weekends you’ll find her at the beach or in the mountains exploring a trail.