Lanmodo Car Tents: Experience Innovation at Its Peak

Car tents seem to be all the rage right now. That doesn’t come as a surprise, given the need for people to keep their cars safe from effects of weather change and other environmental factors and the desire to always have an aesthetically appealing car whenever you go put. A car tent keeps your car looking good and preserves it from some pretty dilapidating factors and today, there are almost just as many car tents as there are cars.

However, when purchasing car tents, you should be able to get more than just the covering function. This is why we have developed the auto car tents from Lanmodo. With increased versatility and advanced function, this nifty car tent is more than just a covering for your car. It’s highly effective in covering hot spots and sensitive parts of any automobile. Still a skeptic? Take a look below at some of the things that make us tick and set up clearly apart from the pack.


The basic function of a car tent is to help protect your ride from the direct effects of sunlight and if it can’t block direct sunlight completely from getting to your car, it should be able to at the very least reduce it effects to a very large extent. In today’s world, a car tent which can’t serve this function isn’t even worth the name. This is an area where our auto car tents excel immensely. They have the ability to block out up to 70℉ of temperature in the summer.

Apart from the blocking of sunlight, our range of car tents are also able to protect your car from some of nature’s more unforgiving effects; acid rain, light snow and hailstorms, etc. This is an added use which we believe will give our clients extra value for their money and which gives us an extra edge over the hoy paloy of car tents in the market today. Car tents are an investment; it’s only right to have the best value for your money and that is exactly what you’ll be getting with lour range of car tents.

Technological Innovations

An extra benefit, our auto car tents actually have been fitted with state of the art technology to make life easier for our customers and car owners around the world. Some of these technological advancements include batteries and USB charging outlets for mobile phones and tablets and connecting LED lights. These innovations will definitely be useful, especially if you’re going camping or off the grid for some time.


When purchasing a car tent, a major issue which determines your eventual choice is whether the right car tent is bespoke to fit your car in terms of size. However, we have been able to tailor our auto car tents to fit any car type or specifications. Our tents come in one-size-fits-all specs, making allowance for salon cars, jeeps, pickup trucks, SUVs, etc. Whatever car you drive, you can rest assured that our car tents have you covered.

Apart from versatility in size, our auto car tents also offer versatility as regards functionality and purpose. We have been able to develop our car tents to serve simultaneously as camping tents and beach umbrellas, making them perfect for outdoor purposes. You can easily transform our car tents into strong and aesthetically pleasing beach umbrellas or camping tents which are well capable of accommodating up to 7 people.

Ease of Operation

These technologically-advanced car tents are easy to operate and set up. However, they’re just as easy to set down. With sensor technology, a Lanmodo auto car tent will automatically turn itself on when it has been set up. No buttons, no extra ‘wake up’ procedure. Just set it up and its advanced functions come alive. Conversely, when you pack it up, its functions turn themselves off automatically. Our tents come in easily installable forms, being installable in half a minute.

Long Lasting

Our auto car tents are durable and incredibly long lasting. Made of sturdy and refined material, they can last for years without losing any detail or becoming degraded in any way or manner. Apart from external durability, our tents’ functions are also long lasting. The tents themselves have been fitted with built-in batteries which are capable of functioning optimally work for up to 45 days on a single charge.


The auto car tents have been designed to be highly portable and as such, the take minimal space. Although they cover large areas when stretched, they fold up quite easily, thereby maximizing space.

What are you waiting for?

Got a car? Then you’ll definitely love Lanmodo car tents. Our car tents are of the very best quality. Say goodbye to the days of simple and boring car protection and embrace innovation. For more details about our range of car tents, click here