Introducing NETANDCO BV

NETANDCO is a young, recently established, Web and Marketing company based in Amsterdam, Holland.

NETANDCO can help entrepreneurs starting from the first idea up to the implementation, maintenance and marketing of their new online business. Or even help established companies to improve and optimize their online presence, to increase revenue.

Business Model Creation

You might have the idea but then comes the real work. Market research, recognizing and evaluating the competition, analyzing risks, identifying assets and liabilities, defining your company’s purpose and last but not least developing a proper business plan.

NETANDCO can provide the necessary help to guide you through the first months of establishing your business.

Website Design

If you have passed the hurdles of establishing a company and want to start on your website, then the specialized professionals at NETANDCO can help you from design up to the ready to launch website. The experienced staff will guide and support you through every step of your project, even in creative matters.

The web service is not only for new projects, established businesses can also benefit from NETANDCO’s expertise to modernize or optimize their current website.

And to help you concentrate more on your business instead of technical issues, the company also offers subscription maintenance packages to keep your site running smoothly.

E-commerce Growth

Having a good website is the first step to a successful business. The next step is getting exposure, establishing your brand and keeping customers happy.

NETANDCO’s professional team can help you with your content and search engine visibility for better exposure. They can help with customer profiling, targeted marketing and social media presence to help establish your brand. And a technical team can help with an around the clock customer support and maintaining a customer-friendly paying system, to keep your customers happy.

Recurring Revenue Implementation

You have the business and you are making money, but there are always ways to improve.

NETANDCO’s market analysis team can take a closer look at your numbers and current revenue models, after an in-depth analysis, they will help you identify opportunities to generate recurring income from your existing revenue models. If necessary, they can also help in designing and implementing marketing campaigns to attract more returning revenue customers.

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