Importance of the EB-5 visa requirement and why you need legal advice

Visa programs for investors are very important for both countries looking to attract foreign investment from immigrants, and aliens looking to emigrate to a new nation to further their financial potential. For this reason, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services has ensured that the EB-5 Visa policy is adhered to.

As with any immigration policy, there are always bottlenecks in the beginning. But when dealt with innovatively, there are huge advantages for both sides. A foreign investor thus needs a good EB-5 lawyer for legal advice to ensure every deal goes according to the necessary requirements. Before we talk about how good it is to get a lawyer, let’s look at the importance of this program to both the country and the foreign investor.

The importance of the EB-5 program.

For an investor in any foreign country, doing business without prying eyes is always a difficult task. If you are not questioned about the source of your capital then you are questioned about your business’ legality and how it helps the foreign nation you operate in. The EB-5 visa is able to solve this problem by giving investors the go-ahead to operate under government-approved conditions. This means that once investors meet the requirements, they are good-to-go with their business activities.

Additionally, this is a big move for the country involved. Investors do not just bring in the necessary capital to start ventures or create employment for the nation’s economy, these investors also bring a lot of experience and knowledge from their foreign lands and thus encourage innovation and creativity in delivering solutions.

Why you need an EB-5 lawyer

So if you are an investor looking to put your money and experience into a US-based venture –– you will need an EB-5 visa. From getting the Visa to doing business, the road is not always as simple as it looks. That’s why it is advisable to get yourself an EB-5 lawyer. Not convinced? Here are four reasons.

The lawyers will help you navigate the complex investment atmosphere

For an investor looking to get their EB-5 visa documents in the US, getting a lawyer to help with the understanding of the requirements is your best bet for a better business. Though the requirements might look simple to many investors, there are always legal implications that need to be reviwed by lawyers.

Lawyers will advise you on how to meet all the requirements

The fact that you have the necessary money as an investor, doesn’t mean you’ll have automatic access to an EB-5 visa. That is why there are requirements to meet. With each requirement, there are other strings and that can be confusing if you don’t have access to the right EB-5 lawyer to help you meet the requirements, which include:

  • The job creation requirements and
  • Capital investment requirements

Lawyers will help you deal with confusing paperwork

There are many smart investors who get caught up in the cumbersome paper processes, and that is when reality sets in because those paper works always come with legal strings attached. EB-5 lawyers will take this cumbersome paperwork and make it simple for you to understand and go about your investment activities.

Transition to a full US resident

Many investors, even after getting their EB-5 visa, get tricked into thinking that they have the permit to stay in the country permanently. However, a work permit and an EB-5 visa are two different things. Hiring an EB-5 attorney will help you use your already acquired credentials to get a work permit and probably stay in the country longer.


Investing in a foreign country is always not an easy endeavor. Apart from the legal requirements, paperwork, and the difficulties in finding the right resources and location, there are legal requirements to be met.