Importance of Establishing a Positive Company Culture

The secret to make a company more productive lies in a rather simple thing – creating a positive culture. Just like people, every organization has its own, unique personality, to which we refer as a company culture. It is something invisible, yet so powerful among employees that it influences their behaviour, commitment, loyalty and efficiency in general. Therefore establishing positive company culture is not only essential for increase in productivity but also necessary.

Researches show that creating and sustaining a winning culture within the company increases efficiency. When you think about it, it is the most logical thing ever. Just try to imagine yourself working day after day, constantly stressed about making a mistake. The lack of communication with your superiors causes unhealthy atmosphere. Especially not being able to consult with your managers or get a constructive feedback. THAT is terrifying. THAT will make you demotivated.

So put yourself in your employees shoes. Realize that they are here to help you and that you are helping them too. Creating a positive atmosphere results in satisfied workers, willing to further improve their skills. This makes importance of culture improvement easy to explain with just one sentence – satisfied workers in a healthy working environment give 110 percent. Keep the motivation and optimism on a high level to achieve a positive culture which will only energize your workers and help the company prosper.

Creating and sustaining a positive company culture does not happen over night, you have to be focused and patient. Make a clear image of your long-term goal and the future intentions for your organization and put all of your ambitions in the process. Keep in mind that making an effort now will make better results in the time ahead.

Create a base

If you are wondering where to start, just think about what makes your company unique and what are your overall expectations. Conduct a survey among employees and use their opinions as a base for the process. It will give you the pieces you need for completing your plan. Not all the ideas will be applicable nor usable but it will give you a starting point. After that, all you have to do is consult the person who proposed it and come up with an idea that will work for both you and the company.

Value the suggestions

Set an example. Visualize the goal you are trying to achieve – the winning culture, and behave in a manner that others can see how you strive to achieve it. Employees will follow your example if they feel that their opinion is valued. The way you act as a leader will influence their actions as well. You can do so with rational and practical leadership and executive coaching. Communication with the team managers and personnel as well will make them feel involved and willing to change or improve their behaviour. Their willingness for self-development will increase the company growth.

Write it down

Defining the term of the company culture you have in mind and writing it down is a crucial element of success. If it is not written you might have a problem with some of your workers because not everyone thinks and understands things the same way. As we all know, it is easy to misunderstand what is said on a meeting. What happens after is sometimes unfair but the consequences are there and someone has to deal with them. And other times it gets really ugly. That is why documenting the goal will help you create the exact culture you wanted for your company. Avoid the ugly things by preventing them from happening.

Reward progress

Creating a positive culture is a long-term process and if you want to make sure your are heading exactly where you want to, you should find a way to reward employees for making progress. Not necessary with money because different individuals are motivated by different things. For example you can make several independent goals and various prizes for achieving them. Some of them may involve romantic weekend getaway for the employees or dinners in trendy restaurants. After all, these are just suggestions. If you find it improper you can always choose something that portrays your company politics the best.

Finally, these are the steps you should take if you are determined to create a positive company culture. Establishing it now, you will create a positive and prosperous future for your organization. Remember that you are surrounded by the people who you chose based on their qualities and qualifications. Nowadays it is really hard to find talented employees and even harder to keep them content. Creating a winning company culture will most definitely make them want to stay by your side as the company changes and grows.