4 Amazing Tactics to Find Right Places to Get Great Links to your Site

Links to your website, also known as back-links, are the supreme ranking factor for most search engines, along with getting high organic traffic. The traffic on your website is directly related to the back-links it has, which means the more authoritative back-links you have, the better traffic and rankings you will get. Google is the most popular search engine and it looks at your website’s back-links for determining your rankings. Yes, there are various other ranking factors, but it is safe to say that these links represent the most important metric for search engine optimization.

Needless to say, it is tough to get backlinks, especially quality ones. This is only because most website owners are not familiar with the different tactics that can come in handy. Listed below are some of the amazing tactics you can use for finding the right place to link to your website:

Tactic 1: The broken-link building method

This is one of the best ways to create one-way backlinks. Basically, you get in touch with a webmaster who has broken links on their website and inform them about it. While doing so, you also give them recommendations for other website to replace the broken ones. Of course, you include your website as well. Since you are doing them a favor by informing them about the broken links, they are likely to agree to give you backlinks. Look for websites in your niche, which have resource pages and use a plugin to check their link in order to find broken ones.

Tactic 2: Make use of guest posting

The most effective way to reach new audiences is through guest blogging. When you publish articles on other popular websites related to your niche, you will be able to get more exposure and your content will be seen by a lot of new readers. This is not just about getting backlinks, but also about increasing your social media followers and enhancing your online reputation. When writing guest posts, you include a link to your website and this gives you the backlinks you want. The key is to find trusted and popular websites for quality links. When looking online, you will find many top internet marketers and bloggers to help you with guest posting. Make sure that you pick ones with most positive reviews.

Tactic 3: Use infographics for backlinks

One of the most popular methods of bringing traffic to your website and getting valuable backlinks is through infographics. They are great because they are easy to share and understand. Visual data has become popular and this has boosted demand for infographics. Check out trending topics and choose one to make a unique and interesting infographic on it. Publish it on your website and submit it to the top infographic directories and also reach out to others who have asked you to share their infographics. Instead of asking them directly for links, ask for their approval and they will link it for you.

Tactic 4: Take a look at your competitors

It is essential for you to stay up to date about online marketing strategies being used by your competitors. Take a look at the techniques they are using for link building and also their content marketing methods. You can create a Google alert that will instantly notify you when competitors publish new content. This will allow you to replicate their backlinks, particularly the high quality ones, and you will also understand their methods for promoting their website. If blog reviews are how they get links, you can get in touch with the bloggers and offer to let them try outyour product. They will write a review about it and give you the links you want.

Follow these tactics and you will have great back-links for your website to boost rankings.