How to Increase Your Instagram Following in a Month

Instagram is a popular photo sharing application where users share photos and videos to their friends or the public. As more companies turn to social media marketing, Instagram continues to gain popularity. Moreover, users are more active on Instagram than other social media platforms; the typical Instagram user interacts with the platform about 2.3 percent more than the typical Facebook or Twitter user. Thus, securing a broad Instagram following is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. With the following tips, you’ll be able to increase your Instagram following considerably in just a month.

Develop a Strategy

It is important to create a marketing strategy for your Instagram account. A good place to start is with studying your competition. By studying other players in the market, you will not only gain insight into what you are up against, but also into a sense of what works and what doesn’t from a marketing perspective.

Once you have a solid understanding about how your particular market works, you should set some attainable goals that are consistent with your marketing objectives. This will keep your marketing campaign focused and provides a great way to gauge your progress.

Post Strategically

Aside from your general marketing strategy, you also need to think strategically when creating each post. For example, you should be mindful of the time of day that you post. According to a study conducted by Latergram, 2am and 5pm are the most effective times to post. Consistency is also important. Simply Measured conducted a study showing that 75 percent of brands post at least once per week. If you want to compete with other companies, it is probably a good idea to post at least that often.

Increase Your Exposure

There are several ways to increase your Instagram’s online presence and exposure. One simple way to do this is by linking it to your other social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Similarly, you can link to your Instagram account on your business’ website, newsletter or email signature. Paid marketing services like Vibbi which focus on brand promotion and providing market updates is another effective option.

Conduct Contests on Instagram

Conducting contests is another great way to increase your following. By offering followers a chance to win a prize, you give people an incentive to follow you and learn about your products and services.


Social media, and particularly Instagram, has changed the way businesses promote their products and services. In today’s market, mastering social media is thus crucial. By utilizing the tips presented in this article, you’ll be in a good position to increase your Instagram following and optimize your marketing campaign.