How to choose the best hunting clothes?

There are number of things to consider while hunting. Besides hunting gear, you must have the knowledge about its apparel. Wearing the right clothes will allow you to camouflage with rest of the surroundings. As a professional hunter, you must know the value of silence and comfort when selecting hunting clothes.

You need to look all different brands, styles and materials before choosing the perfect one to ensure a warm and comfortable experience. Here are the aspects one must consider.

Stay hidden

This is the most important that your hunting clothes need to do. It must keep you hidden from the prey you are targeting. If the animal sees you, they will evade as soon as possible. Find a good camouflage that will make you blend in well with the surroundings.

Stay warm and dry

Warmth is important when you are out the whole day. You must have the ability to stay right where you are no matter what the external conditions are. Choose heavier fabrics with warmer layers. They will also keep you dry getting rid of all the unnecessary moisture. It will prevent excessive sweating that ruin the experience completely.

Stay safe

It is important that you stay safe during hunting. Have a way for other hunters to recognize you rather than the animals they are trying to hunt. Add some bright color with your camouflage but don’t add it excessively as it will make you recognizable.

Make it reasonably noticeable. Make sure your clothing is completely balanced in all three aspects. This is how you will get the best hunting experience.

Three layers

If you are not familiar with the type of clothes that you will wear, remember there are three layers of clothing. Dressing in layers can help you maximize concentration especially when it is cold. There is sufficient protection to increase your focus on activity. Materials of the layer also counts a lot.

  • Base layer

This is supposed to be the lightest layer. Most hunters commits a mistake by choosing cotton which traps the moisture making it more uncomfortable especially when you get wet. You need a type of clothing that is more breathable and comfortable.

Wool can be an effective material which is anti-microbial as well. It is a soft material maximizing comfort levels.

  • Mid layer

When it comes to mid layers, choose clothes that are loose so they can be easily removed. On the other hand, make sure they are not too much baggy which can make the use more inappropriate. Go for a balanced piece of clothing. Baggy clothes will not protect you during cold weathers. Go for effective materials.

  • Outer layer

Outer layer is the one that provides the best protection. Choose the clothes that protect you from possible elements you will tackle. Outer layer must be water repellant so that if you are exposed to rain and snow, there will be something to protect you maintaining temperature levels as well.

There may be a lot of rocks and trees as well during hunting that might hurt you. Clothes will protect you from such obstructions. Make sure the outer layer is strong and highly durable.

Clothes must fit well. This is one of the most important things to remember about the outer layer of clothes. If your chosen clothing doesn’t fit well, they may not offer you the comfort and protection every hunter essentially needs.


Always make sure that you are dressed up properly in order to have a successful hunting trip. You can research online for hunting gears to get more information on this subject. Nevertheless, ensure a memorable journey with best hunting clothes.