How Small Online Stores Can Keep Up With Amazon

Amazon is the best-performing online store, making over $469 billion in 2021. This is an increase from the year before, and the retail giant shows no signs of slowing down. So how can small eCommerce companies compete? Going toe to toe with Amazon won’t be easy, but you can eat into their sales. Here are three ways.

Highlight Your Principles

As convenient as Amazon is, it’s losing its reputation as an ethical company. Many people see it as a brand that prioritises value over anything else. This can come at the expense of workers’ rights, the environment, and quality products. Customers are increasingly looking for conscientious businesses.

84% of customers claim that a company’s code of ethics influences their purchasing decisions. Almost half say this is as important a factor as the price of a product. If you can’t beat Amazon on price, then explain why it’s worth spending a bit more to support your brand. Promote your local connections, social awareness, and green credentials. If you have these, then you’re already ahead of Amazon in the eyes of many.

Hire a Dedicated eCommerce Website Builder

Another reason Amazon performs so well is that its website is easy to use. Unfortunately, online stores are surprisingly hard to build and tend to be full of bugs. This can be incredibly frustrating.

Not only is a hard-to-navigate website annoying to use, but it also harms the reputation of your brand. It can come across as scammy, and customers may be reluctant to hand over their credit card information. Instead, find an eCommerce specialist who can build a beautiful and functional store. This will build trust with your customers and encourage them to keep coming back.

Find Cheaper, Quicker Delivery Services

Amazon tends to be the cheapest option and the one that can deliver goods in the fastest time. However, don’t feel disheartened. You, too, can cut your delivery costs while increasing delivery speed. Once you do, you can pass these savings onto your customers and give them a reason to choose to shop in your online store.

Look online for TNT couriers and compare the prices from various services. Using a courier comparison service in this way puts you in touch with delivery companies that you may not have otherwise found. You can then find the fastest and most reliable option at the lowest price. Once you’ve found a service you can trust, you can start competing with Amazon on both speed and cost.

No online store can ever expect to be as big as Amazon. However, you can learn from its successes and mistakes, using them to grow your own business. Use the three tips above to improve traffic to your website and hopefully watch your sales grow. With enough patience and dedication, you can succeed in the eCommerce industry.