How machine learning algorithms help businesses to target their ads

I know it happens to almost everyone. When you google something on the internet, you get several ads that are requesting you to click on them. Some might be annoying while others might be helpful. Sometimes, when you try to download an app on google play store, you get several suggestions of other apps that you may want to may be helpful in the sense that you may have wanted to download, but you had no information about them. What surprises you most is how the ad found a way onto your page.

The same method used by spam is the same as the one used here. Talking ads machine learning algorithms determines how ads can increase the likelihood of a conversation if given a certain amount of exposure. It uses data from the marketing activity to learn which advertisements and keywords have a significant effect on the target.

A technological expert does not do all these but Talking ads marketing management services do it. The concept used in machine learning and how it determines ads in an advertisement is all about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence works like a human brain. It does everything just like the human brain. It uses logic, rules, decides on the output and then the machine learns. Machine learning helps the computer to operate optimally through experience. It uses solid data that allows the device improves its efficiency and learn from experience. The machine then using algorithms to train a piece of software to learn how to perform text and speech recognition. This is achieved by using a neural network to a large quantity of data. Contents on the algorithm are predicted by the websites that you visit, the browser you are using or even the computer that you are using.

This is why social networks like Facebook refused to take responsibility that they are reading people’s data and using that in an advertisement. Google understands and listens to your conversations every day, and the data they get is the one who is being used to make decisions on what to advertise on televisions or prompts on the pages that you open on Facebook.

Here is precisely how artificial intelligence is used in an advertisement

Data mining

Deep learning algorithm goes through billions of data from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. from comments of people on the nature of products and services and smartphones. There are also companies that look for data for advertisers. The harvested data is transmitted through magic neural networks which are then sent to the client who uses it to decide on when and where to place the advert.

Convolutional neural networks and sarcasm

This is a neural network that is used to distinguish images for recognition and other visual products. This technology is the one being used to identify sarcasm in twitter. Applying CNN on a sarcastic tweet can be able to alleviate the effect of the tweet. This is the way that a seller in a different place know that you want something. Machines are everywhere with us.

Are you using artificial intelligence in your marketing strategy? What kind of results are you getting?