How Google Finance Helps You To Stand Out as a Self-Made Investor

Let’s be honest, analyzing the financial market is hard. The stock prices, following the latest financial news, tracking real-time losses and gains, and choosing your investment portfolio is no easy task. But with technology, things get better each passing day. In 2006, Google Finance was born to make sure that the most difficult tasks in analyzing the financial market, including stocks, bonds, funds, and news are made easy.

If you are an investor who wants to bypass the high fees and the technical-oriented information that is slapped on your face almost every day by brokers, you need to go out there and find tools and platforms that can help you stand out. Google Finance is one such platform. Here’s how it helps you out in reaching your goals.

But remember, Google Finance is no replacement for your financial market broker. It, however, helps you do some of the work.

Accurate insights – your journey to a self-made broker

To survive the financial market, you need data – the charts and the overviews. Google Finance simplifies the tasks and gives you latest, accurate, and rich insights into the market. With these insights, you will have a lot of information, including the reported performance of a company over a certain period, the market capitalization of the company, the outstanding shares, and the trading volumes in the stock market.

Additionally, you also get insights into information such as the amount of ownership held by institutional investors in a publicly traded company. Just on top of your charts, there is a search box that you can use to search for similar companies and make comparisons between the different stocks held by these companies. These insights help you to understand individual companies, what drives their stocks, and the entire industry. With this, you are halfway into becoming your own broker.

People Search – Know the leaders who rule the financial markets

Want to be a self-made investor? Then start learning about the people that control the highest stocks, the biggest companies, as well as their entire teams. Knowing this information puts you in a better position to understand the decisions companies make. Google Finance extracts publicly recorded data by leveraging the entire internet to give you the latest information on who owns which company, who is the CEO, the President, the CFO, as well as the team driving the entire entity.

This people-search doesn’t stop here. You get to know more about each team member by viewing their profiles. Since it’s never easy to get more information, especially about smaller firms, Google Finance provides you with links to platforms like Reuters, where many of the smallest companies have information detailing their activities, owners, and latest stocks. All this information is provided in one place for you.

A deep dive into Foreign Stock Analysis – going beyond borders

Apart from the local stock analysis you get from your Google Finance, the platform also gives you a deep analysis of foreign stocks. Google Finance provides trend analysis of markets of other countries, including the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and many others. It helps you to analyze these foreign stocks, give you latest trends, and provides you with information on partners in the domestic financial setting.

The information on the foreign front helps you make informed decisions on foreign stocks. The frequent foreign exchange conversions are also not needed because Google Finance gives you a real-time and automatic update of foreign exchange prices, which are directly converted into the US dollar.

Follow stocks updates and latest news – be abreast with the latest information

The automatic updates of stocks and latest news in the finance industry are key to a sound stock investment market decision. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, Google Finance gives you the platform to follow the stocks you’ve invested in, as well as updates on your stock portfolio.

You will also get to receive the latest news in the financial and stock market. All the information adds up to give you a better insight into the financial market and helps you make better decisions as to which stocks will grow now or in the future and which ones are bound to collapse.


Investors who are left behind when it comes to the latest news in the stock and financial market are bound to make irrational investment decisions. If you are part of this group, Google Finance is a good platform to keep you on your toes.