Hazards Of An Unhealthy Work Space 

You could be an amazing entrepreneur, running your business without a flaw with a number of trustworthy customers. However, keeping the workplace healthy and clean is important for running any type of business. By keeping the workplace adequately maintained, you’re not only allowing your employees to be efficient and productive, but you’re also creating somewhat of a second home for them. Reducing health risk results in fewer workers being absent and more work getting done. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your workspace is at its absolute best.

Sub-par workspace decreases productivity

Most workers consider their office to be a second home, which comes as a no surprise considering that’s where they spend most of the day. This is exactly the reason why you need to make sure that the space they use to work day in and day out is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Office ergonomics is a real thing and the furniture your employees use needs to be adequate and properly maintained in order to provide them with the best possible office experience. This includes chairs and desk with adjustable heights, as well as adjustable monitors and high-quality keyboards.

Another factor that greatly influences the workplace performance is the air quality. Although we can’t see most air pollutants, research has shown that the number of air pollutants can be more than 100 times greater indoors that it is outdoors. Invest in a proper air filtration system and double-check the workspace for any allergens. Another great way to improve the air quality in your workspace is to use plants, as they filter out the carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and release much-needed oxygen.

Finally, try to install in a proper lighting system. Most offices have neon lights which tend to flicker and lose their quality over time. You should get some LED lights, which not only improve visibility and reduce eye straining, but they’re also last longer than traditional light bulbs. You can also invest in light dimmers, as they allow your employees to control the exact amount of light they need. Besides artificial light, natural light is also very important, so try to provide your staff with adequate amounts of natural light during their work.

Unclean workspace is bad for health

A clean work environment is important for two reasons. First, your workplace is a direct representation of your brand and business and as such, you want it to project a professional image in case you have any visitors. Second, an unclean workspace is a health hazard waiting to happen. Always keep the floors clean or cover them using floor mats in order to minimize the amount of dirt coming into the workspace. If you have a lot of employees circulating in the workplace, then you might want to consider installing a hand sanitizer.

Most cleaning tasks are accomplished by a cleaning staff, but some companies tend to make their employees stay after hours to help tidy up the place. This is a highly inefficient way to keep your workspace clean and a better idea might be to hire a cleaning company. Commercial cleaning companies know what they are doing, take a look here at what a professional has to say about cleaning an office.

A poor diet leads to poor results

A poor diet can easily weaken the immune system and lead to fatigue and overall low energy levels. This is why you want to provide your employees with healthy food options and advocate and promote healthy food choices. Try stocking the break room with beneficial and healthy snacks and try replacing carbonated drinks and sugary sodas with bottled water or a water machine for the office and fresh fruit. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are not only an excellent healthy alternative, but they also taste amazing, particularly when combined with blueberries.

Furthermore, try to have fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice delivered on a regular basis. Try to replace doughnuts with mangos and papayas and try to serve your employees with more greens during lunch. Instead of ordering burgers and pizzas for the whole place, try getting a salad instead. Just because it’s a salad, doesn’t mean that isn’t nutritious or that it won’t fill your stomach. Caesar salad is an excellent example, as it contains chicken among other ingredients, which is an excellent source of protein.

Be extra careful during flu season

Flu season can be detrimental when it comes to productivity. Half of all workers is home sick, while the other half is struggling to keep the business going as usual. To avoid getting half of your entire staff sick, it’s important to keep all the surfaces such as door handles, desks, phones and stair railings clean and regularly sanitized, particularly during the flu season. Try to educate your employees on the importance of washing their hands to keep the germs from spreading in the workplace.

A clean, and more importantly healthy work environment allow your workers to feel comfortable and relaxed during work. This leads to better productivity and also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Keep the workspace tidy at all times and equip it with comfortable, ergonomic furniture. Supply your workers with bottled water and fresh fruit on a regular basis and try to avoid serving sugary drinks and heavy, fatty foods. Be particularly cautious during the flu season and double up on the cleaning duties if you deem necessary in order to keep your employees healthy and productive.