Hate Sales? Alex Jeffreys Shares His Secrets For Making Your Service Sell Itself

The relationship between marketing and sales is just like playing golf, Internet marketer and serial entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys said. He’s the mastermind behind the multimillion dollar marketing coaching enterprises Marketing with Alex and Marketing with You.

“You want to look at marketing for an online business like the driveway down the fairway,” he said. “You really want to get your marketing, the ball, as close to the hole as possible.”

If marketing is the drive, making the sale is the putt — the final stroke to get the close. That’s the way the sale machine works.

“If the ball is really far away from the hole when you launch, it’s difficult to make the sale,” he said. “You have a real difficult conversation on the phone to try and close that. The closer the ball is to the hole, the better your marketing, the easier it is for you to make money.”

Setting up your marketing for an effortless sale isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you follow Jeffreys’ advice step by step.

Simplify and Automate

As you set up your marketing plan and build a product machine, start by finding your niche. This means learning everything you can about your ideal customer: their thoughts, their pains, their goals. Knowing this is the bedrock of your marketing. You can tailor your product or service and marketing efforts to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

It’s important for marketers to start with just one product that speaks directly to your ideal customer, Jeffreys said. Having just one product allows you to focus on getting as close to perfection as possible. If you do that, you can fine free traffic.

Jeffreys shares an example from his own business. When he first started, he had a full funnel of many different offers, upsells, and products. The process brought in revenue, but it also brought in complaints.

“People would say, ‘Why aren’t you upfront? Why aren’t you upfront?’,” Jeffreys said. “That was the model we were running. It was as simple as that.”

Jeffreys found when he simplified his business, and stopped offering multiple products and upsells to focus on one singular service, he became more successful, made more profit, and his buyer list grew without complaints.

“Quite simply it’s because we’re just getting more and more success,” he said. “We’re getting more and more dialed in with the clients.”

Once you have your perfect offer and start to see interest in your product, it’s time to automate the sales process. For Jeffreys, it’s a start-to-finish process that takes the work out of sales called a TeleFunnel. It’s a system Jeffreys teaches his clients to streamline and automate the sales process, so they can focus on their business.

“What makes us unique is we’ve created a process called the TeleFunnel and it’s a process from start to finish,” he said. “You can’t deviate from it. There’s no distraction. It has made us multiple millions with many a high dollar sale. It has made our coaching program students millions.”

Once you have your offer perfected and your automated sales process, how do you start getting clients? Jeffreys says the answer is simple — Facebook ads super funnel.

The tailored Facebook ads will get your product in front of the people who are most interested in it, and your phone will start ringing, he said. Once your phone rings, closing the sale is simple.

“You speak to somebody and you really ask them questions and you know you can help them,” Jeffreys said. “You guide them to let them know how you’re going to help them. People are going to want to do business with you.”

It’s also a great tactic for list building. When you get the right people into a sale funnel, you can build a super list capable of generating easy profit. Jeffreys list, he says, has played a large role in his product creation process, tailoring his offers to his audience to make the ultimate profit. With each launch you get a traffic rush, which is great for business.

Putting It All Together to Make Money Online

Jeffreys sums up his process in three simple steps. First, create your offer. Know what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and the results your customer will receive.

Second, streamline your system by building a TeleFunnel, which Jeffreys calls an “automated online marketing machine.” Finally, advertise your product to the people who are most likely to see value from it (and pay for it) with targeted Facebook ads.

Those three steps will get you the sale. The next step is keeping your customers happy so they return. Jeffreys said he focuses on two things with his clients: giving them a great experience and getting them results.

“Give them a great experience when working with me,” he said. “How you can do that is by being proactive with your client. … Secondly, focus on results. Don’t distract them. Don’t waste their time. Get them results in the quickest time possible.”