Excellent tips to get more consulting clients

You are here because you want to get more consulting clients, right? As a big number of consultants are wondering on how they can attract more clients, here we have gathered a few excellent tips to get more consulting clients for your business or company.

Recognize your clients

It would be easier for you to search clients for your consulting business if you know them better. By having a clear picture of your target clients or consumers in mind, you will be able to start looking efficiently.

After finding the right clients, you need to think that how you can make things easier and efficient for them by offering your professional consulting services. This will help you prevent targeting a wide marketing or industry in order to focus on few that can really add handsome amount of bucks in your monthly revenues.

Create a website or improve an existing one

Having a well coded business website is something mandatory in these days to let your clients find you on internet. And having an appealing consulting business website can be a secret behind never writing proposals for your clients again and again because a website clearly outlines your services and charges to be paid by clients.

If you have a website for your business which is not generating new leads or clients, you should employ some realistic tips to make your consulting business website appealing. A website also shows your professionalism and your originality in terms of staying updated with the latest marketing needs and trends.

Conduct webinars

Conducting informative webinars is a brilliant way to get more consulting clients by educating them about their issues, needs and appropriate solutions. It will not only demonstrate your areas of expertise in the industry but will also illustrate that how well you can understand the problems of potential clients to make their lives easier.

After conducting successful webinars, you will definitely be able to attract more consulting clients by identifying their problems & providing logical reasons to hire you.

Work on case studies to exhibit your expertise

Just creating case studies related to the most common issues and problems is not sufficient to attract more consulting clients but you will need to share it with right peoples.

For instance, if you don’t have any client as an SEO consultant, carry out a case study on your blog and show other people that you only practice what you sermonize and can help get desired outcomes.

Social media is power

Signing up for different social media platforms where you can easily find like-minded, would be a plus point for your consulting business in order to attract most clients.

For example, you can easily find people in Facebook groups who have clients and need assistance to fulfill their requirements. Just reach such people and suggest them brilliant solutions in order to turn them into your fan and then finally into clients.

Newsletters & Emails are also prolific

If you have a strong list of subscribers, then sending out them informative newsletter can be one of the best ways to attract more consulting clients. You can also reach out the right people by manual search via social media platforms or search engines.

The idea will only work if you are providing valuable and handy information to your subscribers because they will only reach you back if found something of value.

Ask for referrals

Yes, you can get customers for your consulting business by asking for referrals from people (existing clients) who know and trust you as well. Using your personal connection will definitely work.

They will surely refer some valuable clients to you as they are satisfied by your services and getting desired outcomes. Through this way, you will be successful in finding some genuine clients who will add big sum of money in your monthly revenues.


Follow up is something most important when you are in search of valuable clients for your consulting business or company as it can help you turn leads into confirmed sales.

You can build a spreadsheet in excel to gather all vital client data such as leads, client names, contact details, follow up dates recent conversations etc. Through this way, you will be able to streamline the follow up process in a best profitable manner.

Create Linkedin company page

As LinkedIn is known as a renowned platform to meet professionals, you can conveniently attract consulting clients for your business or company by creating a LinkedIn company page to display your services and expertise as well.