10 Sites like Liquidation.com: Best Wholesale Liquidation Companies

Wholesale liquidation companies are increasingly coming into play to compensate for the loss of companies going out of business. Wholesale liquidation stores handle merchandise from such companies and other retail stores like Amazon and eBay and sell the “liquidated” inventory at extremely cheap prices. It’s an extremely convenient option for small businesses and stores to purchase inventory from liquidation companies which allows them higher profit margins on resale.

Purchasing your goods from a wholesale liquidation company can tremendously help your business save a lot of money and you can also be assured that the goods you’re purchasing are legitimate and their quality is assured.

Below are 10 liquidation stores where you can look out

1. Quicklotz

Quicklotz is by far one of the best and most upcoming liquidation stores in America. Its massive and exclusive inventory clubbed with assistive customer support team have made it stand out from the rest of its competitors. The best part about purchasing your inventory from them is you get it for very cheap as Quicklotz sources its stuff directly from retailer, unlike other companies. You can even personally visit their store before purchasing or just directly place your order online, totally your call!

2. bulq.com

Specialising in a gamut of products such as, electronics, hardware, kitchenware, clothes, baby products and much more, Bulq makes the entire process of sourcing bulk inventory simple, transparent, and hassle-free. They update their inventor every three days to provide variety and even offers services to customize your inventory suiting your business requirements.

3. Source.com

Offering huge profitable margins to its customers, Source promises to deliver authentic at flat rate shipping charges. From items of daily needs to clothes to cool gadgets and tid-bits you never heard of, Source has a huge inventory to suit your needs. Although their shipping can sometimes be sluggish, but their products are worth the wait.

4. Liquidation.com

One of the largest B2B liquidation stores in North America, at liquidation.com you can source merchandise at 70-90% off retail prices. They offer merchandise in all sizes such as freight, package or lot and also give their customers the facility of shipping or directly picking up from the store. With almost $7 billion in finished transactions and 3 million buyers in approximately 200 countries and territories, they are the successful innovator in offering smart business solutions.

5. Capitalonlineauctions.com

Capital Online Auction liquidates large equipments, such as restaurant equipment, party rental equipment, office furniture and farming equipment. These hard-to-find items can be a steal for the right buyer. They have extremely low-starting bids and specialise in professional equipment only. So if you’re looking to buy liquidated hardware in bulk, this is probably not the place to be.

6. Bstock.com

Sourcing its inventory directly from giants including Amazon, Walmart and Macy’s, Bstock is a technology-driven online marketplace for bulk purchases of liquidated goods. They allow the buyers to track their orders, scour the marketplace for the best deals and also allows its customers to sell their returned, excess or other liquidation inventory to a diverse base of business buyers.

7. Merchandiseliquidators.com

Based in Miami Gardens, FL, Merchandize Liquidators has been in the wholesale industry since early 2003. From the tiniest objects of everyday needs, their inventory encompasses hefty housewares, bedding, sporting goods to even bikes. Shop by pallets, truckloads or clearance sale, Merchandize Liquidators is a great option for resellers who are just starting out and want to test the waters without risking a full truckload purchase.

8. Amlinc.com

In business for over 25 years now, Amlinc offers goods ranging from unique house ware to furniture to clothes along with other standard products. Amlinc offers services such as discount stores, flea markets, online sellers auctions, yard sellers, etc.which is the perfect place to source your cheap and authentic inventory. Apart from that, you can even sell your leftover inventory to them and purchase brand new truckloads of inventory in return.

9. Gencomarketplace.com

A division of GENCO, the famous logistics company which is now acquired by FedEx under the rebranded name FedEx Supply Chain, Genco Market Place targets big retail stores in liquidating their merchandise. Because most of their liquidation contracts are with large retail chains and online retailers, their product selection is large and varied. They also offer Android and iOS app to help buyers in the conduction of their bidding in real-time and to see the entire inventory of goods on offer.

10. Containentalwholesale.com

With services like fast shipping and varied inventory, Continental Wholesale store is increasingly becoming famous among small time sellers. Their user-friendly interface is extremely easy to use even for beginners and their website is meticulously laid out category wise. Overall. Continental Wholesale proves itself to be a formidable contender, catering to the whole spectrum of buyers and it’s worth checking out.

The most crucial aspect in starting your own business is to boil down to a trustworthy and credible liquidation store. Above are some of the best liquidation stores we scoured for you so that your business venture turns out to be another one of those success stories.