Does Walmart Backed Indian Ecommerce platform Flipkart actually Assure Quality with ’Flipkart Assured’ check?

As they say ‘Flipkart Assured’ is a badge for seal of quality. But the question remains the same for every new online user i.e. is it actually a real check to quality?

In today’s competitive and crowded Indian E-commerce marketplace, every potential player is working constantly to outshine one another. With Amazon introducing ‘Amazon Fulfilled’, Snapdeal introducing ‘Snapdeal Gold’, Flipkart is also assuring a better quality of product, better service delivery, return and replacement under ‘Flipkart assured’.

Introducing ‘Flipkart Assured’ was one of the biggest and Finest step taken by this Indian Ecommerce Startup in August 2016. With offline store still in the market, it was quite challenging for the online stores to bring buyers to their platform, at the same time making buyer agree to shop online, wherein certain cases when users have faced poor product quality or bad packaging, it seemed almost impossible to convince the reluctant users to adopt this new way to shop!

Thanks to advancement of badge like ‘Flipkart Assured’ which ensures users of high quality product delivery. As per the Flipkart Team, they commit that product under the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge go through six level of quality checks, packaging is ensured under safe delivery guidelines, products are from most trusted and reliable sellers and so on. Additionally, if any of the product bought under this badge comes in a bad shape or quality Flipkart assures exchange surety and instant refund policy.

On the top of everything when America based Walmart, sealed a $16 Billion deal to acquire majority stakes of Flipkart, the users trust quadrupled as with the confidence they have in Walmart. Now Flipkart is running in India as a subsidiary of Walmart and is giving a stiff competition to well established e-commerce platform Amazon.

Hence based on the given information and the confidence we have in both of the big brands Walmart and Flipkart, we can conclude that this badge is surely an authorized check to Quality assurance. And Users should check for this mark before they place an order.

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Hence this advancement to services will definitely help users to understand the skeptical need to change their old school belief for online shopping, as there a lot more other reasons these e-commerce companies are providing in terms of discounts, sales or with this quality check badge to improve their levels everyday.