Desseret Funderburk starts fresh Bapco, Intel class action

We reported a month ago that Intel and benchmarking firm Bapco faced a class action alleging that the use of the MobileMark 2007 benchmark misled people on the battery life of a notebook.

Now another class action has started in a Northern District of California court, reiterating the claims.

Aaron Glassman, Desseret Funderburk and Valentine Anderson essentially repeat the allegations Daniels Den Inc made at the end of July. If this and the previous class actions proceed, they will eventually be consolidated into a single action.

This filing says: “Intel knows or should have known that its battery life claims did not provide an accurate indication as to  the battery life a consumer could expect. Intel failed to inform customers that the testing was conducted under conditions which were far from how an actual user would actually use the computer.”

It continues: “In addition, Intel failed to inform consumers that the basis for their battery life claims was created by defendant Bapco, a consortium whose members are computer makers and other technology companies.”

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