AMD, HP, others sued over teleconferencing patent

A case started in a Delaware district court alleging that a number of companies has breached a teleconfering patent.

Teleconference Systems alleges that HP, Astrazeneca, the Dow Chemical Company, AMD, Dreamworks, Marriott International, and the American International Group breached the patent 6,980,526 called Multiple Subscriber Videoconferencing System. Apart from HP, the other defendants appear to be customers using the product line.

The case centers around the HP Halo Telepresence product line. All of the defendants are alleged to have breached the patent by using apparatuses and/or systems covered by one or more claims of the 526 patent.

The patent holder wants a jury trial and damages.

The former CEO of AMD, Hector Ruiz is quoted on HP site as saying: “To be able to digest body language automatically – just like you would face to face – we have found that to be one of the most powerful things about Halo.”