Content marketing trends to watch out for in 2017

Creating content, and marketing it effectively by adopting the appropriate strategies has become a challenge these days especially for the ones that are on the top and strive hard to retain that spot. However, few content experts are of the opinion that in the present year, content marketers might have to revamp their approach and strategies as far as several areas are concerned.

Factors influencing content marketing strategies

The type of strategy you adopt will also depend on your position and where you stand in the rat race. Other factors that influence how you can work out digital marketing strategies as far as content marketing is concerned depends on, namely,

  • How mature your organization has been over the years
  • Whether or not you have a content division and work out strategies from time to time, and above all,
  • How much you intend or you have already invested in the distribution and creation of content.

After all if you are a veteran in content marketing, it does not make sense in adopting strategies meant for basic level content marketers.

In this write up, we will focus on the trends that are likely to be observed in 2017 as far as content creation and distribution is concerned.

Trends 2017–Content development and distribution

Given below are trends that you will likely to observe in 2017-

  1. Nature of content marketing – Earlier, most of the enterprises had a tendency to invest around 80% of their budget (assigned mainly for content) for developing content but sadly enough, they assigned only the remaining 20% for advertising and promoting it. This equation somehow didn’t work wonders for many enterprises and the same has been happening time and again. However, given the current scenario, it is quite likely that the ratio will reverse. Aside from this, every effort is being made to make the digital marketing blogs as appealing as possible with regular updated posts.
  2. Visual representation of content – Experts have mentioned before that any text that you read online gets registered faster in the minds of the readers if the same text/concept is represented by a visual representation. In other words, if your content accompanies images and videos, it not only becomes even more interesting but visitors are able to connect to the concept of your blog posts/web pages better. In fact, the videos and images do half of your work already.
  3. Content visibility strategy – As an entrepreneur, you might have employed some of the best content developers for digital marketing blogs, however, unless you work out a strategy that will take care of the so called user experience of readers, you will perhaps be aiming to hit the bull’s eye in the dark. It is important that you work out processes that will take care of how to market the content that you develop. Basically, content is created keeping in mind the target audience (not a new strategy) but how well you connect with the target audience, what innovative ways you work out for the same, how you improve your content, enhance the potential of your content is what matters and what your content team should be focusing on.

Content flowchart and teamwork – Having an in-house content team has several advantages. There are several instances, when the content you develop dies a premature death as there is a dearth of manpower that will make the optimum use of the created content and attain the objective. Embarking upon a content creation or developing journey (which includes developing digital marketing blogs, incorporating images and videos) in the content is an easy task but many enterprises are not able to reap the benefits of the developed content because they fail to make the optimum use of it. Promoting the content through proper channels and processes is what lacks in many content promotion teams.