Choosing A Pair of Work Boots

Purchasing the best work boots is one of the most important job related decisions you can make. It will determine the difference between comfort and pain. In many professions it could even determine safety conditions. Figuring out the best boots can be a daunting task with so many options available in the market.

Before going into the purchasing process, let’s look at some of the statistics. In 2012, Bureau of Labor Statistics came up with a study which indicated that 666 out of 4600 fatal injuries on job we caused due to falls, slips and trips. This data clearly indicates the importance of safety work boots in order to ensure stability and balance on workplace.

Tips to purchase

  • Purpose of boots: The first thing before purchasing a pair of work boots is to determine the purpose. Decide if you want only one pair of multi-purpose boots or not. If you are planning to buy more than one than adjust your budget accordingly.

Figure out how your work boot will perform. Here are some questions you must ask yourself:

  • Do they have to be in a certain color to comply with the standard dress code?
  • Will you drive in your work boots?
  • Does your boots need to be non-slip?
  • Are anti-static materials mandatory for you?

Questions like these will determine your selection. Choose the boots according to your objectives and depending on the job activities you are involved in.

  • Go through different boots: Market is full of variety. You will find number of designs. Review the features separately, examine the catalogues, go through reviews, consult with friends and family and then make the decision. Browse through forum discussion to get an idea about better work boots.
  • Reputation: Brand reputation counts a lot. There are number of brands offering quality work boots. Choose them accordingly to the budget you have allocated.
  • Materials: Work boots come in a myriad of materials. Choose them according to your needs and objectives. They can either be made of leather, rubber or other man-made materials. Each materials has its own pros and cons. So make sure it complements your style.

When it comes to materials, also consider its durability and weight. If you are working indoors, consider a combination of nylon and leather because they are light in weight and offers flexibility. They tend to offer high levels of comfort. Make sure the material you select is highly durable in nature. If it offers water-proofing feature, then well and good.

  • Size: Try on a lot of sizes and go for the best fit. Choose the most comfortable option in the market. Size matters a lot. It will determine your workplace productivity. Uncomfortable shoes can prove to be a nightmare.


Keep in mind that work boots are not supposed to be fashionable. Do not miss out the above points in order to get the best-looking shoe in the market. If it looks good, then it’s a plus point but do not keep visual appeal on priority.