Career prospects of learning English language – Will you be an edge over others?

Perhaps one of the greatest and the most profitable skills that you can develop in today’s business world is the capability to speak fluently in English. There are numerous countries which speak English and use it as the primary means of communication at offices, workplaces and while doing business with foreign countries. It is rather seen as the most common and the most used language throughout the world of business since it’s easier to learn and also because of the fact that it is called the international language. This is why human resource managers always give you advice to learn English language online so that you can strengthen the base f your career and move towards the path of success.

A large number of people make the sensible decision of learning English through a credible online course provider so that they can enhance their career prospects. There is a wide array of benefits when a person or a prospective candidate is confident and skilled in English language. So, here are few career prospects of the English language that you should take into account if you’ve still not motivated yourself to learn the language.

  • English is the primary means of communication

It is overwhelming enough to note that international communication is always carried out in English language and throughout the globe there are more than 2 million people speaking English and also a large number who are able to speak English as their second language. Keeping this in mind, being able to speak in English puts an individual on a clear benefit as there are many jobs where international communication is crucial and there are also many roles where only English-speaking candidates are hugely sought. It seems that the demand of English speaking candidates is on the rise.

  • English is the language of research and information

There are several areas where English is the most dominant language. Whether it is in airports or books or publications or technology or international business or sports, music or entertainment or even the academic field, the most often-used language is definitely English. To support this statement, here are few statistics that you may check out. It has been estimated that:

  1. More than 80% of the mails of the world are written down in English
  2. More than 2/3rds of the scientists based in different places of the world read in English
  3. More than 80% of the electronic information stored here and there is in English
  4. More than 46% of the communication done through the internet is in English

Keeping in mind the above mentioned statistics, it can be well understood that English is indeed a dominant language and it is indeed surprising to see the large portion of the population who still hesitate to sign up with an online English learning course.

  • English develops various aspects of an individual’s career

Speaking professionally, there is plethora of job options in the world but 90% of them require applicants to have strong command over English language and this is a prerequisite feature which is always featured in the criteria of selection which is provided for the candidates. There are many recruiters who claim to look for candidates with “Excellent command over English language” and candidates who have completed some kind of English learning course from a reputable and accredited learning agency.

  • English language is predominant in official meetings

Comprehending the intricacies of the language and mastering the art of the language is also needed for attending international meetings with your foreign clients. Even though you’re in a meeting with your office clients, still English will be the language that would be used. Skype calls, presentations, video conferences, sending mails, preparing monthly reports, reading publications, checking out news and sharing all such information with your colleagues is all done in English.

Besides, with the spate in technical advancements, there are daily advancements in software programs and most of these upgrades utilize the English language. So, even if you’re technically minded, knowing this language will always prove to be beneficial for you. All the points listed above show the ultimate importance of learning English. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an online language learning provider and sign up to learn this extremely essential language!