UK will disconnect file pirates

The UK government will take steps that will exclude persistent downloaders of content from connecting to the internet, it confirmed today.

The UK business secretary, Lord [Peter] Mandelson said that the UK would pass legislation to cut off people as a last resort. Before cut off, individuals would receive warnings that their activities had been detected and warned to cease and desist.

Although the government has been contemplating such measures for some months, the legislation is unlikely to come into effect until spring of 2011.

And a general election has to take place in the UK by Spring of next year, meaning that if the UK Labour Party fails to achieve re-election, such legislation may well be thwarted.

Mandelson said he didn’t expect “mass suspensions”. People will get two warnings and even if they get cut off, they will have the right to appeal.

The proposals have the backing of the major music and film corporations, but face opposition from British ISPs.