Thieves scrump thousands of Apple iPhones

Thieves have made off with 4,000 iPhones, worth over $3 million, in a daring heist in Belgium.

They climbed a fire ladder to the roof of the warehouse, cut a hole in it, and dropped right in.

It’s believed to have been an inside job, as the thieves seem to have known about delivery times and storage locations. However, the owner of the warehouse, logistics company CEVA, is refusing to comment.

The iPhones were destined for mobile operator Mobistar, which had already been suffering shortages. The company’s Patti Verdoot told De Standard that it had been promised a new shipment to satisfy demand over the holiday period.

Mobistar says it’s blacklisted the serial numbers of the stolen phones, so that they can’t be used on its network. But this won’t stop them being used: iPhones in Belgium lack a SIM-lock, so they can perfectly well be used on another network.