Steve Jobs biography moved up to November

Eccentric. Genius. College drop-out. Billionaire. Complicated visionary. Pain in the ass. There’s many things you can say about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and you still wouldn’t scratch the surface.

Many of us would run out of adjectives pretty quick, which is thankfully why someone else has written his life story.

Simply titled Steve Jobs, his official life story is penned by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson also wrote an acclaimed, best selling biography of Einstein, and both books are Simon and Schuster titles. 

The author has been granted unprecedented access to Jobs, conducting forty interviews with Steve over a period of over two years, and interviewing over one hundred people in Jobs’s world – both friend and foe.

Previously, when an unauthorized bio of Jobs – iCon – was published by Wiley and Sons in 2005, Jobs decreed all their books be banned from Apple stores.

Now reports claim that Jobs is ready to let it all hang out. The Apple CEO is apparently refraining from exercising  editorial control over the book, as he won’t read it before it’s published, and insists it will be an honest look at his life and times. “He put nothing off limits,” Simon and Schuster claims on their website.

The book was originally going to come out next March, but now the new release date will be November 21, 2011. There’s of course been rumors the book release has been pushed up because of Jobs’s health problems, and Isaacson denied this to the Christian Science Monitor, saying the book is coming out earlier because it’s ready to go.

There’s also speculation that since the book has been wrapped up early, Simon and Schuster want the bio out fast to take advantage of the holiday season. 

The life story of Keith Richards sure made it to a lot of Xmas stockings, and the in-depth look at Steve Jobs is sure to be a must have for the holidays as well.