Report: Swedish police detain "elite pirate"

Swedish security forces have reportedly apprehended an “elite pirate” who allegedly administered several warez sites loaded with over 7,000 movies.

However, only 100 individuals actually had access to the supposed digital cache.  

Although the detained individual has claimed innocence, TorrentFreak notes he likely faces an unspecified jail sentence.

Unsurprisingly, Swedish anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån praised the arrest which was executed in the city of Gävle by local police and specialists from Sweden’s anti-piracy unit.

“He is one of the elite pirates,” APB spokesperson Henrik Pontén claimed.

“It is good that the police have a broad focus in their work and can act against the advanced and illegal sources of BitTorrent users.”

Meanwhile, Frederick Ingblad from the Swedish Prosecutors Office said early allegations against the suspect “had been strengthened” after security forces analyzed seized computer hardware.

“There were nearly 7000 films stored… In this case the offense involves so many movies that conviction could result in a prison sentence.”