Intel sues news service over Intel name

Chip giant Intel filed a case in a California district court alleging that a news service specializing in news about Mexico has infringed its trademark.

Intel alleges that Mexico Watch, with a URL of, gives the impression that it sponsors or is the source of America News Intel’s services.

The company that runs the site is a Florida limited liability company covering business, economics and politics in Mexico under the trade name Amercas News Intel Publishing.

Lawyers for Intel said in a filing: “Despite Intel’s numerous attempts to resolve the dispute amicably, Americas News Intel has persisted in using the Americas News Intel Publishing trade name and Latin Intel and Latin Intel Trade Center trademarks, leaving Intel no choice but to file this complaint.”

After listing its grievances in its filing, Intel asked the court to enjoin and restrain the news service from using the Intel mark in any way.  It is asking a court to order Americas News Intel to destroy any letterheads, business cards, literature or other property which includes the word Intel. It also wants the URLs handing over or canceling. It also wants damages.

The problem, of course, with the word “intel” is that it is commonly used as a word for “intelligence” in US government circles. The use of the word “intel” was in circulation before the company was founded. But Intel is very jealous of its trademark name, and doesn’t hesitate to take legal action against any firm or organization that attempts to use it.