Amazon streamlines payment process

Amazon is simplifying its check-out process, eliminating the whole username, password, ‘add to cart’ and payment method palaver.

With Amazon PayPhrase, shoppers choose a short phrase — Amazon suggests ‘Knick Knack’, ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Jake’s Allowance’ — and then enter it along with a PIN to quickly preview their order and complete their purchase.

Amazon then uses the preferred payment and shipping methods it has on file, without having to share sensitive payment information with multiple websites.

Users find the item they want, type their PayPhrase into the PayPhrase button on the product’s page, and click to instantly preview the total cost of their order, including shipping and tax. They the enter their PIN to complete the order. 

“PayPhrase solves the headache of trying to keep track of all the different usernames and passwords people use to shop on various sites across the web. With PayPhrase all you need is one phrase and one PIN to pay online,” said Matt Williams, General Manager of Amazon PayPhrase.
Amazon PayPhrase also allows parents to set up an online allowance and monitor their teens’ purchases – including the ability to approve or decline each order via email or mobile phone text alerts.

All websites accepting Checkout by Amazon, including DKNY, Jockey, Patagonia,, J&R Electronics, and Car Toys, will be offering PayPhrase as a checkout option. Customers can sign up at