Dazzlesmile sues Microsoft, Google in trademark dispute

A company with the unlikely name of Dazzlesmile started a case in a Utah district court in which Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and others were accused of infringing its trademark.

The allegation is that the defendants are guilty of causing mass marketplace, consumer confusion and defendants by advertising tooth whitening products. Dazzlesmile alleges many of them are counterfeits and “knock offs” of Dazzlesmile products.

Dazzlesmile makes “dazzlesmile on the go” teeth whitening system and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Utah company Optimal. They jointly own the Dazzlesmile trademark.

What can Microsoft, Google and Yahoo positively have to do with teeth whitening systems? The fact is that Dazzlesmile is suing a whole lot of other companies that it alleges have ripped off its system and even its name.

And so it’s alleged that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are promoting Dazzlesmile’s competitors by allowing them to buy sponsored links in search engines, such as Google AdWords or Adsense.

Dazzlesmile wants a judge to put a stop to all this, and it’s talking turkey.