Apple fanbois attempt to seize Microsoft, er Windows

Those dedicated followers of fashion, the Apple contingent, attempted to hijack Windows 7 displays in Saks Fifth Avenue.

But Microsoft was one step ahead of them.

Microsoft allowed people to feed Twitter messages to the display but there’s some doubt whether any of the pro-Mac brigade managed to get their “tweets” up on the Windows 7 display.

According to Techflash, Microsoft are keeping a beady eye on the content that goes up on the Twitter feeds – it feels it has every justification doing so, seeing as its Saks windows are not really public property.

And, in any case, even if the Apple tweets did make it to the Windows, er windows of Saks, it’s doubtful if Microsoft would feel in the slightest bit embarrassed.

Organic shame is not necessarily a characteristic that Microsoft is capable of. Techflash learned from a Microsoft spokesperson that the feeds have an auto filter, and there’s also real human beings keeping a beady eye on what’s going up.