Can you afford an injury lawyer in Roseville? Find here!

Whether you were injured in a fall on someone’s property in Roseville or suffered the consequences of using a defective product, you deserve justice. California personal injury laws are extremely claimant-friendly, and if you take the right steps, you could recover a fair settlement. Of course, one of the first steps is to seek advice from a legal expert, and as a client, you may have your questions about hiring a Roseville personal injury lawyer. The accident and your injuries may have placed you on a rough financial patch, and you wouldn’t want to lose money without knowing whether your claim is worth fighting the battle. Hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be about spending huge, at least for injury claims. Here are some things to know.

The contingency fee arrangement

Almost all injury lawyers work on a contingency fee in California. For the unversed, this essentially is an agreement between the client and the lawyer, where the former agrees to forgo a share of their settlement as the lawyer’s fee only when they win. The injury lawyer, on the other hand, cannot ask for an hourly rate or an upfront fee, no matter how complicated the case may seem.

The percentage fee of an attorney depends on many factors, including how complex the case is and whether the matter is expected to go to trial. Experienced injury lawyers often charge on the higher side. In cases that must be argued in court or when the legal battle is expected to be a long one, the lawyer may demand more. The standard norm is anywhere from 30% to 40%, and in most situations, you wouldn’t have to pay more.

Don’t underestimate your injury lawyer’s role

People often assume that filing an accident claim is easy and wouldn’t require any further steps. That’s clearly a myth, especially if insurance is in the mix. Insurance companies try tricks and parlor tactics to minimize statements, and negotiations are often complex. Also, a trial is an expensive choice for personal injury lawsuits but may be necessary. Having an attorney ensures you don’t make common mistakes and adhere to all relevant deadlines. Your lawyer will also complete all due formalities and ensure all paperwork is taken care of, especially before the negotiation.

Call an injury lawyer now and get a FREE consultation for your case immediately. You can make significant decisions based on the initial legal advice.

Written by Spencer Calvert