At What Point Are Drug Tests Used in Child Custody Cases?

Substance misuse is a shocking and far reaching issue in the United States, and medication and liquor utilize assumes a noteworthy job in many divorce cases. If you are set out toward divorce and trust your companion has a substance misuse issue, it is essential to address this worry before it jeopardizes your kids.

The court won’t request medication and liquor testing under typical conditions. One of the guardians must demand it; nonetheless, the court won’t allow this demand except if the applicant can offer proof of the companion’s substance misuse issue. If the companion has a past filled with unlawful medication use or liquor related criminal history, this comprises a “prevalence of the evidence” and meets the weight of proof.


The courts may just request medication and liquor testing. Ordinarily, this implies just pee tests. The court can’t request hair follicle testing despite the fact that this technique delivers more precise outcomes for a more extended time. It’s essential to recollect that a positive outcome on a medication or liquor test does not naturally mean an antagonistic result in the care assurance for the parent who tried positive. Test outcomes additionally are confined against use past the family law procedures.

The brilliant principle of family law: during child guardianship cases, the court should dependably act to the greatest advantage of the youngster or kids. If one parent has any recorded history of substance misuse or criminal movement identified with illicit medications or liquor, the court may require medication and liquor testing.

The court may likewise require “autonomous certification” of medication and liquor utilize. This could incorporate recorded reports from associations giving substance misuse services, social welfare offices, law authorization, courts, therapeutic offices, and probation offices. If official documentation of your companion’s substance misuse issues isn’t accessible, you may record a declaration to the court concerning the substance misuse. If any outsider observers – companions, neighbors, instructors, more distant family individuals, or even outsiders – have any knowledge of your life partner’s medication or liquor misuse, make certain to present their declaration with your affirmation.


If you are contemplating making a motion for your life partner, from whom you are seeking divorce, to experience drug testing amid your youngster authority case, it’s critical to recall that the court will probably arrange that you experience testing, also. The court will most likely pronounce that the two companions must share the expenses of testing.

If you presented a statement to the court about your mate’s medication or liquor misuse, you should make sure to incorporate each known episode of such conduct that you or others have seen. You can’t refer to the clear nearness of substance abuse as proof, so changes in your life partner’s conduct or the presence of medication use are not considered as genuine proof.

These cases are no less complex than any other. That’s why it is recommended that for custody drug test, you must have a brilliant lawyer by your side so that you may not suffer from any injustice.