6 Things to Look For While Choosing a Probate Attorney

Wondering how to go about planning your estate in San Diego? Just hire a good San Diego Probate Attorney. Here are a few things you need to check before hiring one:

Getting information about the Estate Attorney

Before hiring a probate lawyer it is important to understand what kind of services he or she provides. Find out how much of experience he or she has in estate planning. Ask if the attorney is well-versed with the laws of your state and is well-aware about the latest changes.

Getting Referrals

You may find many probate law firms online. They might even run across powerful slogans that grab your attention instantly. However, these could be just hype. If you want to make sure the estate attorney has the relevant experience you are looking for, you will have to get referrals. Find out from your financial advisors or other attorneys if they know any good probate lawyers whom you can trust. If they act in your interests, they will surely point you towards some good estate attorneys.

Making sure there is a formal updating and maintenance program

Writing your will isn’t a one-time task. It is a process that needs to be revisited periodically. Therefore it becomes important to ask your attorney if he offers a formal updating and maintenance program. Even if you have to pay a small fee to sign up for this program, you will be informed about the latest changes in law and will be aware of any changes that has to be made to your plan according to your life changes.

Looking for malpractice insurance

Malpractice insurance is something that can help you handle the losses that may arise due to legal mistakes if any. An estate attorney who carries malpractice insurance is one who would be accountable for his future mistakes. Such attorneys protect their clients against costly errors. Although it is not obligatory for lawyers of most states to carry malpractice insurance, it is better to ask if they have one.

Determining the projected Length of Your Project

The length of your project depends on how easy it is to manage your estate. An experience probate lawyer should be able to estimate this for you. Once he does, also make sure he will give you the documents to review at each step of your project. This can help you avoid the probate process.

Checking if the probate attorney can help you avoid the probate process

The entire point of hiring a probate attorney is to manage your assets appropriately and avoid the probate process. One who is not keen on avoiding the probate process is probably only concerned about his income and not about your estate. You will have to look for a lawyer who can make sure your estate planning is in order so that the estate can be kept out of the court and the assets can be distributed exactly according to your plan.

Lastly make sure the probate attorney you hire is crystal clear about his fees. Clarify all your queries beforehand so that you won’t be faced with any surprises later on.