Adobe download scam hits mailboxes

It’s a good thing spammers can’t spell.


Readers concerned with the Adobe zero-day exploit that was running around at the back end of last year will be glad to know that spammers are here to help.

We are in receipt of an email suggesting we might want to upgrade our Adobe Reader – or ‘Abode Reader’, as the email has it. Why are spammers always unable to spell or comply with the basic tenets of English grammar?

“Dear valued customers, 

Adobe PDF is pleased to announce new version for PDF Reader which enable you to view, create, edit and print PDF documents. The PDF format as a global exchange document format is created by Adobe and is the most efficient way to exchange information. You can simply follow the following instructions to make your PDF Reader/Writer most updated.

     1. Visit Abode PDF website or click this link:

     2. Download new version of Adobe PDF and get your application updated.

 Thank you for choosing us, the worldwide leader PDF Reader.

 Adobe PDF

This message was sent from Adobe to [email protected]. It was sent from: Aerolist, PO Box 29502 #9747, Las Vegas, nv 89126. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.”

The link points at a download site for PDF reader that is patently nothing to do with Adobe at all, despite the use of the company’s monicker on the email. No doubt Adobe’s lawyers will be keen to speak to those responsible, hopefully with baseball bats.

We’d also venture to suggest that those unwise enough to download the knock-off PDF reader will find that it comes with some bonus free software such as a keylogger and maybe a Trojan or three.