AMD extends Vision vision to corporate market

Chip firm AMD said that it has created a version of its Vision brand aimed at the commercial and corporate marketplace.

The key message AMD appears to be pushing is value and open standards, according to Nigel Dessau, chief marketing officer at AMD.

He claimed: “At virtually every price point, commercial PCs based on Vision Pro Technology offer increvible value and balanced platform performance.”

Commercial PCs supporting the brand will give support for multiple monitors, use of video conferencing software, and the ability to create and look at presentations with embedded video and 3D graphics.

Examples of the brand include the business class ultraportable ThinkPad X100e and Lenovo Edge laptops.


Microsoft endorsed AMD’s branding idea too. Mike Nash, corporate VP of Windows platform strategy said: “Business customers have told us that they want to use their PCs for business applications, as well as the full set of consumer scenarios in Windows 7.”

So what do Vision Pro technology offer corporate and commercial buyers? AMD says all models sporting the brand support the Trusted Platform Module, its enhanced virus protection, come with Windows 7 Professional, and include AMD client virtualization.