6 Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

In an ideal world, getting compensation after you’re injured on the job would be a breeze. In the real world: it’s like trying to swim in a hurricane. This is because workers’ compensation is a government program, which is always fraught with trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, not a lot of injured employees had the good-will to hire a compensation lawyer, which undeniably makes the entire ordeal much more bearable. These “insiders” thoroughly understand “the system” and know how to maneuver within it to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. (Which is something most insurance companies, despite their claims, do not want you to do.) Let’s take a look at several reasons why you might want to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer/attorney.

1. Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

There are countless attorneys who offer “discount-rate” low (or sometimes free) fees. These fees are usually priced so low because the attorneys are banking on your lack of knowledge. A qualified (and skilled) compensation lawyer use their experience and skills to help you, not their bank account. Although higher-priced attorneys and lawyers are more expensive (but not by much), they are well-versed in various injury cases and know how to make the most beneficial settlement for you.

2. Prevent Stress

The entire process of worker compensation is stressful. Add on to the fact that you’re fighting medical difficulties and perhaps physical illness. Hiring a competent compensation lawyer to stand side by side you during your compensation case is a lot less stress on you and your loved ones. These are professionals who know their industry inside and out, making it easier for you to sleep at night.

3. They Want To Win

In order to find a workers compensation lawyer that is the right fit for you, you have to know this: most compensation lawyers don’t receive a dime unless you win. Therefore, if you get seriously injured while working, and you make a settlement claim worth 5-6 figures… that is a huge incentive for these attorneys/lawyers to ensure you win the settlement.

We’ll discuss more about what these percentage fees are shortly.

4. Expertise

Your workers’ compensation lawyer/attorney knows all about compensation claims and files. These professionals are a thousand times more helpful than the advice of your friends, family, co-workers (or supervisors). It is generally advisable to seek a compensation lawyer and hold him/her on retainer until your benefits have been cut off or there is another serious issue. These types of attorneys know the system, and can make your claim/case/file move up the chain faster if she/he already has you as a client.

5. Affordable

As mentioned earlier, all workers’ compensation lawyers are paid a percentage of the settlement or award – no exceptions. This percentage is usually 20% (you’ll have to talk about your lawyer for an exact percentage, as everyone is different). However, there is usually no retainer fee, upfront charges or fees for communication via snail mail and telephone. Typically, compensation lawyers are paid only if you win the settlement.

6. Making sure that your rights are protected

Are you aware of all of your rights under your state’s law? Your workers’ compensation lawyer is – and that’s why they’re in this chosen field: it is their life’s purpose to help workers receive their fair share of compensation. How they go about this is knowing your rights more than you do. For example, let’s say you have an injured foot and know you have the right to make a medical claim.

You may be told that you cannot claim a foot injury because you were born with a defect. What you don’t know—which your workers’ compensation lawyer does—is that you do have the right to claim this foot injury despite the defect. To put it in laymen’s terms: insurance companies loathe compensation lawyers, because lawyers help those companies from pulling the wool over your eyes.


Being hurt while on the job is nothing to be scared about. Insurance companies may act like they’re on your side – they’re not. The bottom line is, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer—as you’ve just seen—is beneficial in more ways than one.