5 Types of Apps Every Business Owner Needs In Their Life

Starting or owning your own business is not always as glamorous as those on Shark Tank make it out to be.

In fact, reports show that almost 50% of new businesses fail every single year due to the work and sleepless nights that man owners face each and every year.

While being a business owner can be stressful there are apps available to not only help you increase productivity but to help you stay in the race on the days you feel like giving up.

Self Control App

Many entrepreneurs struggle in their entrepreneur journeys because they spend too much time on sites such as Linkedin, playing the comparison game. This app eliminates this huge time westerly allowing you to temporarily block sites that hinder you from achieving momentum and productivity. While this app is sufficient in physically blocking negativity it’s up to you to take control of your own mind. Never get o caught up in what others are doing in business that you miss your opportunities at achieving greatness.

Finance Tracking App

You will never know how well or how bad your business is doing until you start tracking your expenses. Many entrepreneurs mess up here simply because they give up prematurely. Don’t ever allow the appearance of someone else’s success cause you to “feel” like you’re not doing as well as others.

Not only are finance tracking apps important in helping you track your progress it’s also important for you at the end of the year as you prepare to file your taxes. Finance apps help you eliminate stress that many business owners are faced with during tax season by automatically taking out taxes every time you get paid. While it may not “feel” rewarding each time you lose money that you have to pay taxes on, it is extremely rewarding during tax time when you don’t owe a single dime to the IRS.


Need a mentor but just don’t have time to sit and meet with one weekly or bi-weekly? Consider podcasts as a mentor in your pocket. If you need to feel inspired? Grab your most comfortable headphones, plug them in and download a podcast from the inspiration category. Need to learn tips on how to become a more productive business owner? There’ a podcast for that too. Any information you need can literally be found in a podcast.

Business Card App

If you are a traveling entrepreneur or at least one who attends several conferences a year you may want to consider downloading a business card app. A business card app allows you to create a digital version of your business card and bluetooth it to the person you wish to exchange business cards with. Gone are the days of getting business cards only to lose them hour later.

Time Tracking App

You never know what areas you waste the most of your time in until you start tracking your time. While tracking your time may sound counterproductive it actually helps you figure out how to save time. Download your favorite time tracking app from the app store and then literally time everything you do every day for a week. This one simple app will not only help you determine where you spend the most of your time but it will also help you see what times of day you are most productive.

Are you a business owner who has tips on the best apps to download as a business owner? Let us know in the comments below.