Best ways to use your mobile devices in order to grow your business?

Mobile device usage is absolutely booming. More people are now using their phones and tablets to browse the web than people using desktops. Because of this it’s become imperative for businesses to start utilising mobile devices to grow their business.

Going back a few years our mobile devices were used simply to make and receive calls or send and receive messages. These days there are far more functions that can be carried out without us having to fire up the desktop or laptop. Our mobile phones especially have become a key part of our lives, at home and in business. But what are the best ways you can utilise your mobile devices in order to grow your business?

Flexible work hours

Although so many of us enjoy our mobile devices for entertainment purposes such as playing games and placing bets at home, they can also be used for work purposes. With email and so many other work based applications available on our devices it means that employees are no longer confined to the office when it comes to working hours.

It gives us the scope to work on the move, which is a major bonus. Before our mobile devices had such functionality any time spent travelling from site to site was essentially dead time; however now staff can work on the move, making the most of their time.

Benefits of cloud apps

Moving to the cloud is becoming a must for any modern business. With cloud services your employees are able are able to access your systems and files remotely from any device that’s connected to the internet. This can be extremely useful if visiting a prospect or client as it means you don’t have to take memory sticks or hard drives with you.

On top of this, cloud software doesn’t require an in-house technical team to install and maintain it. If there are ever any issues or updates needed your service provider is able to do this remotely.

In-store usage

If your business has a store or purchasing premises, mobile devices are an absolute game changer. Gone are the days of scanning items at the check-out or taking food orders via pen and paper; mobile devices can take care of this now.

There are applications tailored to specific areas of businesses that allow us to make the most of our mobile devices. Specialist ordering software and ticket management systems can make in-store staffs jobs much easier and allow them to focus on all-important customer service.

As a whole our mobile devices are now so advanced that they inevitably play a major role in our lives, especially when it comes to business. This ever evolving technology has allowed us to be permanently connected to our businesses and given us scope to work from pretty much wherever we are. For most people this is a step in the right direction, however as with every modern technology, there are some who are opposed to its implementation and use.