Back Office Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

We undoubtedly live in the best day and age of the business world. Through companies like Uber and Airbnb, we see a global sharing economy which has really connected humans maybe more than ever. Outsourcing is that same process for businesses as the aforementioned is for consumers. 

Outsourcing, traditionally from nationalists, is viewed as this big awful exporter of local jobs. But that couldn’t be further from the real truth. The truth is that we as people have more access than ever. We are no longer limited to clothes from the local stores or places we travel too. We can actually order from all across the globe. 

Ideas are no longer confined to certain corners of the world. This global marketplace has pushed us into the golden age of groupthink where the human species is coming together with all different backgrounds and cultures to create truly global products and services. 

If you think about it, now more than ever before, it is a product and service built by the people (all people), for the people (all people). The collaboration and community we have built is really something to be appreciated, to be admired, and to be embraced. 

Through this beautiful time and process of business, we’ve seen the growth of an industry referred to as business process outsourcing. In simple terms, this means businesses are using specialized companies from other countries to take on part of the workload off their company.

While a lot of this can be customer and or client facing, some of it will be behind the scenes operations. This includes, though not limited to, what is known as back office services. 

Now, back office service is a pretty general and broad term. These services include functions like application processing, data entry, e-commerce tagging, content creation, writing, research, content moderation, and fraud detection. In essence, we are talking about services that will support your business as it functions but that are not visible to people outside the company.  They can, however, has a significant impact on customer experience.

Some key reasons for utilizing this service or services are to cut costs, save time, and make a more efficient business operation. 

Outsourcing is really a wonderful thing, but the initial hurdle to make the leap to doing it can be a challenge for some businesses. You know you’re sacrificing some control, but you do not want to also sacrifice quality in the name of your bottom line.

The answer to this challenge is Piton-Global in Manila. The Philippines is home to the best business process outsourcing companies in the world. Piton-Global has positioned itself as a contender in this growing industry by delivering consistent quality and service excellence.  

How are they able to do it?

It starts with the workforce in the Philippines. Of the 107 million people living in the Philippines, roughly 90% of them are under the age of 55. This gives companies a lot of talent to pick from when making hiring decisions.

Possibly the biggest advantage of outsourcing is the ability to take advantage of different global economies. The business process outsourcing industry is a perfect example of this very benefit. If we just examine the United States versus the Philippines, we can highlight what this means. The Philippines, in general, pays quite well for BPO services. In the United States, most of these job functions are entry-level work and do not pay extremely well. For the United States, they can outsource to a country like the Philippines which will save them money, but they will get higher quality work because the caliber of the worker is higher since the pay is better in the Philippines. This creates what is truly a win-win situation. 

This higher quality worker extends to the culture that permeates throughout Piton-Global. The company has won both service and excellence awards as well as customer service awards. These awards speak to the culture of excellence and the level of service you can expect when you work with this premier company.

The last concern typically forms around being concerned with your internal team having communication issues with the outsourced team. But with the Philippines and the Piton-Global team, you can sleep easy. 20% of the nearly 8 billion people on this planet speak English. Thanks to the long-lasting effects of colonialism, Filipinos speak a very westernized and neutral accent version of English. This makes communication, especially with companies from the west, very easy. 

Business success comes down to a few characteristics. Some of these include being versatile, being a risk taker, staying on the cutting edge, and to keeping your bottom line at the top of your mind. From the outside, I think anyone can understand initial reservations about outsourcing business process. It is a process that requires a lot of faith and a lot of trust. You are literally taking part of your business and shipping it overseas and far away from your watchful eye, at least on a daily basis. This is not something you will be willing to turn over to just anyone, again it comes down to trust. There is no country with a better business process outsourcing reputation than the Philippines. The infrastructure has been built out by country and company both and they really provide you with the most stable experience you can get in outsourcing. Most importantly, and certainly not to be overlooked are the awards the company touts. In the land of outsourcing, where it’s basically an art form, Piton-Global has been third-party verified. This is the name you can trust with your outsourcing needs, and they will take care of your back office needs to that standard of excellence they have set.