Arnon Dror or The Importance of Relationships in Business

Arnon Dror is a man who I have admired for many years, especially in the way in which he always strived for success. Arnon is a high level professional who is currently in a role as VP of finances and operations and who previously worked not too far from in Portland, Oregon, as VP of global company Xerox. I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat with Arnon about the way ind hick he does business, how he continuously strives to improve himself and better his business ability, and I wanted to share with you one of his keys to success which is his ability to build and maintain strong relationships throughout the business world. If you want to be successful in business, here is why Arnon believe that building relationships is going be key.

No Islands

Even the most powerful businesses in the world are not operating alone and they have partnerships throughout the business community. These partnerships are set up with an aim for mutually beneficial operations that will lead to further success, and they are vital for true success. In the same way that the European Union came together for protection and for ideas sharing, this is what is happening with businesses and business individuals all over the world.


Opportunities happen every day and if you are in the know then you may be able to take advantage of it, being in the know will come down to knowing the right people. For example Arnon tells me about how a close friend of his was offered to buy a stake in Uber over 4 years ago when it was just an embryo of an idea. Arnon’s friend ended up deciding against the $25,000 investment, which would have been worth in the region of $100 million today. This gentleman may have missed his chance to win big on this investment but the point is that he was offered it because of who he knew in the business world.


They say that you shouldn’t be rude to people on the way up because they are the ones who will kick you on the way down, and this is an adage which is certainly true. With this in mind, you never know when you will need the support of your contacts, perhaps a bad business month, a failed negotiation or perhaps you need to make sales quickly to balance the books, in these situations you need someone to help you out and that is why it is so important that you can call on your contacts, from relationships which you have built in the past. Take Arnon for example, he trafficked business to many of his contacts over the years, in many cases to help people stay afloat, Arnon can now be safe in the knowledge that if he needs help, those contacts are sure to step up for him.

Don’t overlook the importance of contacts in this business.